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    Any areas lacking installer coverage

    Just wondering what areas are lacking professional installer coverage? I'm thinking of taking a vacation soon and can offset vacation expenses with a little bit of side work.
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    First Strike Meter is great for pointing at G19

    I used to have a Birdog but the best C/N figures I could get was around 7-8db C/N for G19 on TP 11842. Now with the First Strike, I was able to get 11.9 C/N. Took a little getting used to but I like seeing the better numbers. Also, the Birdog didn't give me the ability to edit which transponders...
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    Need help picking right satellite for a friend

    I managed to acquire an old adventist system (Fortec Lifetime Ultra + Single ku LNB 36" rig). While I have no real use for it myself, I have a friend I was going to set it up for. He doesn't have any pay tv subscription and watches local OTA using an el cheapo DTV converter box as his main...
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    HD Simulcasts & ION Affiliate Launches

    ION launching into ATLANTA CHICAGO SAN FRANCISCO PHOENIX SEATTLE Following markets will have 4 networks simulcasting HD on Western Arc: Memphis Grand Rapids Norfolk Mobile Orlando Yakima only get Fox HD simulcast added to 129. Tomorrow a good day for some
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    These Are Questions The TSR Will Ask On Signal Loss Call

    This is the list of questions a tech agent will ask you if you call in with an error 015, 002, pixelation, etc. Have there been any significant changes to the installation? (basically, did you just hook up your xbox and possible a cable was jarred loose, moved your receiver, those kinds of...
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    can you order ppv using ethernet on hd dvr

    i have directv hd dvr and sd dvr, both are connected using ethernet. I can download vod so I know my connections are good. However I can not order ppv. when I first set up the system and installed it, i didn't have the broadband connected so the guy at directv who activate system disabled...
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    I Like Showtime

    I like Showtime. I also like Indianapolis, Indiana. Eugene, Oregon is cool too. BET Jazz is ok with me.