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  1. Squiglee

    Official - I have a Hopper 3 Thread!

    Got ours two days ago. No problems at all with install. Backed up timers were recovered no problem. EHD recognized and lots of recordings moved back to the H3. I notice that after pausing a DVR program and then hitting play, the audio takes half a second or so restart even though the video...
  2. Squiglee


    I want a new Hopper 3. Thanks.
  3. Squiglee

    external hard drive question

    Almost every day I have to either unplug USB and re-plug or power cycle the EHD chassis to get my Hopper to see it. I realize the these drives power down to save energy after some set amount of time. But this is annoying. Any ideas on how to prevent this problem?
  4. Squiglee

    Sorting DVR recordings

    My wife loves the Mentalist so we have about 90 shows on our external drive. She likes to watch in the order they came out so we sort by episode number. Usually we can sort by episode number. But now and then for no apparent reason, the choice to sort with episode number is not there. We...
  5. Squiglee

    Firefox compatability

    I dropped Netflix for a variety of reasons (pricing on Blu-ray for example) and have my first disc by mail from Blockbuster. So far so good. I understand that the 922 will have to wait a bit for streaming. Okay I can wait (I dropped Netflix streaming so I am waiting...). But when I tried...
  6. Squiglee

    Hard Drive 127% Full

    Hi all, I had this problem a week or so ago. The drive went from about 8% full to 104% full even though there were no new recordings. Power cord reboot did not take care of the issue. A reset to factory defaults did fix it but it wiped out all the recordings. Kept the timers however...
  7. Squiglee

    all recordings gone

    My 922 suddenly showed 102% hard drive space used AND zero recordings! Earlier today the HD was about 8% used. Hard reset did nothing. Restoring factory defaults fixed the issue with the HD space error but all recordings are lost. The timers did get make it thru.
  8. Squiglee

    Just lost 110 & 119- what's going on?

    Gone in Maine = 8:56 pm et
  9. Squiglee

    DVD Recorder with DishHD

    FYI, I have a Samsung DVD-HD850 DVD player that is supposed to only upconvert thru the HDMI port. But there are widely known hacks that will allow the unit to upconvert thru component. Just do a search on that unit AND upconvert and you will find forums discussing the series of actions...
  10. Squiglee

    moving and the phone connection

    If one were to "move" should the phone be plugged in to the DVR at the "new" location?
  11. Squiglee

    Map of the Boston locals coverage

    Thanks. That is very helpful. We get a very strong (115) signal on 110 tp26 here in the mountains of western Maine. We have been thinking about moving to Boston...
  12. Squiglee

    Map of the Boston locals coverage

    Does anyone know a link to a map showing the geographical coverage of the Boston locals (including HD)? By geographical coverage I mean the spot beam not the official DMA.
  13. Squiglee

    PQ of Dish Locals

    I just took a look at Bell Canada offers for sat. The HiDef package includes: * NBC HD (East & West) * WGN HD * Global HD * CBS HD (East & West) * FOX HD (East & West) * PBS HD (East & West) * Raptors NBA TV HD * CityTV HD (East & West) *...
  14. Squiglee

    PQ of Dish Locals

    I checked the signal strength on 110 transponder 23 and it is good (94). As suggested I sent an email to dishQuality. We will see what happens. I am intrigued by the Bell xVu suggestion. Thanks.
  15. Squiglee

    PQ of Dish Locals

    We get our locals from several Maine cities. Portland and Augusta ME. The Portland channels are broadcast OTA in HD (we of course get nothing here). But our closest Dish HD networks are Boston which we do not qualify for. Maybe someday Portland, ME will be added to the HD feeds for locals.
  16. Squiglee

    PQ of Dish Locals

    We have not yet lost our distant networks but I am not looking forward to that day. The primary reason is that the PQ of the locals on dish is really awful. We live in the mountains of western Maine and get zero OTA so we depend totally on DISH for our network stuff. Of all the...
  17. Squiglee

    622 - black screen and screeching sound

    Sorry for my mistake. I posted a similar thread in the dbsTalk forum but did not recall posting in satGuys. A search of this forum did not reveal any other recent posts from me. Maybe I am wrong...
  18. Squiglee

    622 - black screen and screeching sound

    I installed a new 622 at home three days ago. A couple of times a day the unit suddenly gets a black screen and the sound output is something like a bad horror movie sound track... I have called DISH twice and both CSRs have said that there is a software problem and that they are working on...
  19. Squiglee

    HD Locals

    We already have waivers for locals. I actually called Dish yesterday and the person I spoke with did not have a clue about HD locals at all even in those cities where they will be rolling out. I will wait until NYC has them and see what happens...
  20. Squiglee

    HD Locals

    We live in the middle of the mountains in western Maine and get nothing over the air. I have read about HD locals rolling out soon. We get CBSHD but would love to get the other broadcast networks in HD. Can we also get NYC or whereever ABC, NBC, and Fox here when those become available...