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    Upgrading from 2 hopper w/sling to a hopper 3

    We have 2 hopper/sling. I primairily use one and my wife the other. We setup our own timers. There is about a 20% overlap. We are just now getting 4K TVs , thus the desire for the hopper3. We will also need to get a 4K Joey. Currently we are paying $12 for each hw3. What will be the pros and...
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    Home media app

    i just want to confirm that the "home media" app does not play Mkv files. If not, any chance it will in the future? My personal video has a mix of formats. I would really like to be able to watch these videos from my hopper vs Roku.
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    Problem while watching a delayed recording

    I like to setup recordings for sporting events and start watching the game while it is still recording. I noticed that when the recording stops, the status screen pops up and jumps to the end of the program(like I have finished watching it). I may be only half way through watching the game...
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    External Hard Drive Help

    Yesterday I upgraded my Hopper to a Hopper/wsling. I had an external drive connected. It was recognized by the new Hopper and I was able to restore some of my programs to my new Hopper. This morning the usb external drive was no longer recognized. I called Dish and we did troubleshooting to...
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    Two Hoppers vs Hopper 3

    I currently have 2 regular hoppers and was wondering if it would be better to have a Hopper 3. My wife primarily uses one Hopper in the Family Room and I use another in my "mancave". We do watch several programs together, but many we do not. Currently when we watch a program on our respective...
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    Sharing recordings with Hopper 3 and Joey

    My wife and I have a 2 Hopper setup. We are thinking about upgrading to a H3 and 1 Joey. We currently have a sort of his and her Hopper arrangement. What we want to know is how to avoid watching recordings conflicts, For example; She starts a recording on the H3 and watches 1/2 of a program...
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    Strange Cursor Movement

    I hope I can explain this problem I am having. When I am browsing "my recordings", the screen will show the refresh led bar and then the cursor will jump to the top left button which is the Primetime Anytime button. This is a pain when I am down the list of recordings. This same type of...
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    Sporting events timer problem

    So when I set a timer for a Primetime sporting event the timer says it will record an extra 60 minutes, but it doesn't. When I think about it I will set a timer for the next program. Has anyone asked Dish about this? Non-primetime sport events automatically add the 60 minutes and it does...
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    Closed Caption Glitch

    I like to use the shortcut to access closed captioning. Yellow then 3. The glitch I am referring to is that when you are trying to turn off CC, the pointer is not positioned correctly(just above off) and requires you to move away and then back. This does not happen when you access CC the long...
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    All timers have quit recording

    I noticed yesterday that all my timers quit recording on 5/14. I tend not to stay current on viewing my timers so I didn't notice it right away. I called Dish and they did not have an answer and have scheduled a replacement hopper. What is strange is that after talking to Dish, I decided to...
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    Pointer Fragment.

    Sorry of this has been asked and answered before. This may seem weird, but sometimes a portion of the pointer breaks off and sticks to the bottom of the screen. It seems to always be in the same place on the left side. Sometimes I can maneuver the pointer and make it line up with the...
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    Deleting multiplercorings

    Just wondering if there is a way to delete multiple recordings at one time? I am talking about timer recordings, not ptat. I have some programs that I have multiple recordings of. Deleting one at a time is slow.
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    Hopper Home Media Controls

    I sort of have my home media working now. It finds my Plex and Windows 7 servers. My problem is manipulating the controls. Pause and Play work, but nothing else. How are you supposed to fast forward or rewind. Also, the program starts over if I happen not to finish it. What gives?
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    Dish on Demand Quality

    I finally broke down today and connected my 622receiver to the Internet. I am running a direct connect from my router to the receiver(about 30 feet in the attic). My connection seems to be good. My problem is that my first test programs buffer every 30 seconds or so. I have a 10mb download...
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    External hard drive communication problem

    My reliable WD external drive has just begun to give me problems or is it my 622 receiver. An error window pops up saying that I don't have a compatible USB device connected. the only way I can get the receiver to recognize it is to do a reboot. this may work for a few hours and then it...
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    Incoming Calls Cause Reboot

    I have a 622 and a 722. Just recently I noticed that occasionally when I get an incoming call, the receivers will reboot. It happens with both receivers. I do have a regular phone line connected to each receiver. Well, almost a regular landline. I am using Ooma voip system in conjunction...
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    Broadband connection with vip622 & vip722

    Just wondering if anyone is using an ethernet bridge like the Linksys wet54g to connect their vip receivers to the internet. I tried a powerline adapter and couldn't get it to work. The distance from my wireless router and the sat receivers is just too far. Seems like the ethernet bridge...
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    622 rebooting today

    My 622 starting self rebooting today. Done it about 6 times. I know of 3 times it did it while paused during viewing of a prerecdorded program. Don't know if that means anything or not. Called Dish. They wanted to set up an appt. for technician to come by. She said if they couldn't discover...
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    Netgear xe102 problems

    Just got an xe102 for broadband connection to my 622 & 722. The first time I reset the connection on the 622 it found xe102. I was happy. Problem is it only held connection for a minute. I have tried repeatedly to get a connection with the 622 & 722 with no luck. The xe102 and the 622 are...
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    Caller ID on VIP Receivers with VOIP

    I am in the process of dumping my phone landline and switching to VOIP. My wife really loves seeing the caller id info displayed on our big screen tv. Is there anyway to receive caller id on the dish 622 & 722 receivers with voip(i will be using homeplug to connect my receivers to broadband. I...