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  1. Left Field Fan

    iPhone 3G S Question

    I have an iPhone 3G that my wife is willing to take off my hands ;) if I would like a 3G S. I can upgrade her phone for the 199 for a 16gb 3G S and swap phones. I want to keep our phone numbers the same though. I just wonder 3 things: 1) To keep our numbers after they activate the 3G S can I...
  2. Left Field Fan

    reworking sat setup need advise

    I have Directv setup with the slimline dish. I have four individual lines going into 2 different rooms in the house. I have 2 of those lines going to my home theater. I want to have HD PIP and my tv will handle that. I just need to rearrange my setup. I want to change the lnb to a swm-5. I have...
  3. Left Field Fan

    How much on my bill for 1 day sports pack

    I did a search and can not find it. If I want to watch a FSN football game on Saturday, how much?
  4. Left Field Fan

    Fox Sports AZ not in HD

    I know this goes in the HD forum, but I wanted to get this noticed quickly by some people in AZ. All DBack home games on FSAZ are broadcast in HD this year. It is not currently on 649-1 but only on 649. Directv says FSAZ is not sending HD to them for todays game. I can not confirm this with...
  5. Left Field Fan

    Dish offered me a free 722 Upgrade to stay

    Hopefully this info can help some of you who have defective 622's. I had fufilled my contract with Dish and due to programming/622 issues I decided to leave.( my choice no bad feelings ) Here is the reason for my post: I had a 622 where the HDMI went out after a week. I used the component out...
  6. Left Field Fan

    622/625 remote help

    I have set up my house for home distribution with my 622 and 625. I see the channels fine and everything. I have tried to use my tv2 remotes and the one for my 622 does not work. The tv2 remote for my 625 works both boxes at the same time. I have tried to reprogram both/either one of the boxes...
  7. Left Field Fan

    Need Opinion for Home distribution

    I have a new home and everything is prewired into a box in a closet. I have a 622( family room ) and 625 ( bedroom ). I have the 625 sending to the closet distribution box for tv2 on chanell 73. It goes to every room in the house except the family room. I have an extra line from the family room...
  8. Left Field Fan

    Is TV Guardian Coming for the 622?

    I remember reading somrwhere here that TV Guardian was coming to the 622. Does anyone have an ETA? I know that sometimes Dish's ETAs are very vague. I would be very interested in this feature.