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    Installing SWM5 LNB

    you said you have a 3 prong lnb are you talking about a triple sat or a kaku lnb? You should not lose your scheduler any of your old programs. What kind of HD/Dvr is it? It isn't a Tivo is it? If you are running an HR10-250 of a tripple sat dish then swm will not work on it. I just ask...
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    any way to turn off...

    press the left and right arrow buttons at the same time
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    guide problems

    :)For those of you seeing the messages that state your reciever has not recieved guide info for blah blah blah. Make sure the reciever is set up on the right settings! If you have a 5 lnb make sure it isn't set up on a slim 3 and vice versa. If you have a 5 and you tell it it is a 3 or the...
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    16 output mutiswitch

    maybe that is the picture of a system grounded to a gas main they show everyone in training. I saw it years ago and thought they had to of set it up or something. Well they don't give IQ tests to installers LOL. fifty bucks don't sound too bad. From their point of view they figure if u can...
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    Tornado Damaged Dish

    it is not slimline or nothing, you can get a signal on all sats with a trip sat dish and a ka lnb, but you have to do a little grinding here and there to make it work. Don't recomend you try it but just letting you all know that it can be made to work at least in my area maybe not further...
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    My DirecTV install experience

    White wire is not approved because it isnt uv resistant, staples are not approved at all. There is new flat wire that is approved but it is expensive about 16 bucks each and you have to pay for it. as far as not getting it to pass verification first time the extra line thing is only for swm...
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    16 output mutiswitch

    cascade them, you will need 3 6x8's or just let them bring you a 6x16 and there is no way anyone grounded your system to the gas main, just stop it! Did they kick your dog and slap your wife around too? Riddiculous!
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    HD chimney install help

    You got a chimney stickin out of the roof doesn't that count as a penetration? Just put the thing on the roof and move on. It's not going to leak.
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    Can dish be mounted to block wall?

    Directv states that block walls or chimneys are not suitable mounting surfaces. Now that that is out of the way reality is that if you are going to do it you better go out and get the wall anchors or tapcons yourself because like the last guy said they are not provided to installers and...
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    SWM install requested

    I work for skylink too. We are not all inbred morons. It will work from 200 feet. You may need the bigger power supply but it will work. As far as getting a swm install it is a total crapshoot as far as what diretv sets you up with. As far as a slimline working at that distance it will...
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    Question. Settle an argument.

    amen. I don't like to use 59, but if it is already in the wall..........
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    My DirecTV installation horror story

    Shhhhhh.... this is a secret, don't tell anyone. I am an installer and I can rebuild a work order for anything. Even if it means cancelling the old one and creating a new one over the phone. But that takes forever and I don't have that kind of time and nobody pays us to stand there and talk...
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    Tip The Installers?

    Here is a completely biased opinion. If they do a good job, tip them, like the other guy said not a lot maybe ten bucks. If you don't feel comfortable with that you can always call direct and tell them they did a good job. Just tell them you want to leave a positive escalation. It usually...
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    Give this a try

    I rolled out on an HDDVR upgrade the other day, when i got there the homeowner started in about having waivers for hd nationals from direct and that they didn't want it if they couldn't get them. I told them to call d* and confirm on that because we have locals off the 72.5 in this area and...
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    Ever seen this?

    R-15's will do that. They will search and get to around 50 then start all over. Other than reformatting the drive, which i have done to mine several times. I don't know. There isn't really enough info in your post to know for sure though. I don't know what kind of meter you are using, what...
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    New 5LNB Installation Question

    you don't have to have the 119 to fine tune, as long as everything is plumb and level and as long as the correct skew is set. However if your installer is new or just cranky that day he might say no. Just tell him you are willing to take responsibility for it and sign off on it. He doesn't...
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    DTV HD Receiver installation help?

    why in god's green earth do yo want all the recievers in the same room? Is it really necessary? Why make it that difficult? If you insist on it then it should be expensive. I hope you don't plan on just having some poor tech come out and hook all this stuff up as part of a "standard"...
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    Ham or CB radio interference?

    Terminators If you have all the equipment you listed then you must have a switch. If so, are there 75 ohm terminators (with the stinger removed) on the unused ports? We put them on all 6x8's to avoid ghosting in and interference. It shouldn't be a problem untill the new signals start coming...
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    Proper location for wall-mounting an AU9-S dish?

    don't forget that this thing is going to need two monopoles too.
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    New Dtv H20 Bloked?

    call 18005315000, after the computer asks for your phone number and asks what kind of problem you are having say "extension 711" it will resend authorization to all your receivers.