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    Package advise???

    Hi Fellars, Been a long time since I've posted. Anyways...I'm interested in getting service at our camp out on the lake. I'd like the most economical package/s. I was thinking maybe the TURBO HD pack along with locals....since 99% of my viewing is on the major networks. Is this possible...
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    How much do E* installers make???

    My nephew is considering becoming an E* installer. He drove past a local installer/contractor's??? and saw a sign that they were looking for installers and mentioned it to me. He then asked how much I thought they make. I haven't the foggiest, but since I'm a member here, I told him I'd ask...
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    Just got my (2) 211's

    How come I can't see NESN-HD???? I can watch the SD, but the HD says "CHECK BACK OFTEN BLAH-BLAH-BLAH"???? Game is on right now, the Sox are at home, and I KNOW the game is in HD....what gives???? Ooooops my bad....It's a SOX in 2 game!!! Is it only the live games that are in HD???
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    A liitle help fellars....

    Got a call from E* last week. Need to upgrade my 2 (811's) in oder to continue receiving HD programming. Installer will be here this Wednesday. When I spoke to the CSR they said that the 2 new rcvr's will be free of charge to upgrade as well as the install of a second dish for any additional...
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    A little help....

    Trying to help a friend out repointing his dish. Anyways, he's got a Dish 500 pointed at the 119/110 birds. Which LNBF is for which bird??? Center-most LNBF 119 & outer LNBF 110? Or is it the other way around? We got a signal strength in the 120's on the 119 bird, but couldn't get squat on...
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    Best OTA STB???

    Just wondering what everyone out there is using? Sammy, US Digital (Hi-Sense), another? What have you used in the past, present & why? Anyone know when the next 6th gen chip set tuners will be out?
  7. J

    DTV Tuners not making the grade...

    It's a long read, but apparently DTV tuners aren't making the grade.
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    811 vs. 622 OTA signals strengths????

    Just wondering for those who've had the 811 previously and now have the 622, or 211...or those that currently have both, or any combination thereof... What were your OTA signal strengths with the 811 vs. the 622, 211??? Better, worse??
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    Took matter into my own hands!!!

    Well, as most here on these boards already know, local network HD's thru E* are VERY limited and it seems that E* is in no rush to get them to us. For those of you who live in a fairly decent sized DMA, you're probably lucky in the fact that you have OTA HD's available to you. Not so in my...
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    What's the difference???

    Just wondering what's the difference between a spotbeam & a transponder?:confused:
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    Picture Quality gone to crap!!!!

    Just wondering if anyone here has noticed the decrease in picture quality as well. For the past few weeks now, I've noticed a big degradation in the picture quality. I've got a Dish 500 pointed at 110/119. Strength on 110 is in the high 80's, and high 90's for 119. The picture seems a lot...
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    Good Read...

    Here's a good read for those in hard to receive areas. A little hope for those of us in the sticks!!!
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    Does E* monitor these boards???

    Just wondering... Do any of the big wigs(those that are in a position to make a difference) at E* monitor these boards. Do they have any clue whats going on with their customers? The wants, the needs, the likes, the dislikes, the concerns, the ramifications of crappy decision making? Do they...
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    What do you call the spyglass thingy the tech pulls out to find the orbital locations? Where can you get one?
  15. J

    Old D* dish

    Just wondering .... I have an old D* dish. Can I change out the LNB, and maybe use it to pickup a E* bird like 61.5?
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    Best Antenna???

    Can't decide between the 91XG & CM4228. I'm shooting for stations 73.8 miles away (I know it's a stretch), but I won't know till I try. Broadcast frequency channels are 32, 43, & 53. Obviously, I'll be using a pre-amp, but I still can't decide between the two antennas. It seems the CM4228...
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    Need another gadget????

    Hey fellars, Check this out....
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    622 user question...

    Just wondering, Those of you who are using the 622's 2nd output to a 2nd tv, how are you doing it? When I upgrade, I'd like to be able to hook up a tv in our bedroom, but the damn set is nearly 50 ft away from where the 622 will be based.:confused:
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    What's the increased fee???

    Just happen to look at my online statement. Went up roughly $3.18. What the increase for? My monthly used to be $79.48, now it went up to $82.66. What gives?
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    Goin' back to D*...

    First off I'm not here to gloat nor bash E*. They've served me well for the past 4-5 years. They offered locals for a period time that we couldn't get from D*. But the time has come to leave. My reason for leaving E* was simply a matter of preference and network HD availability. I'm in an...