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    Can't find 119

    I have a Dish 500 with a Single LNB. I have found 110, but I cannot find 119. Which way do I need to adjust the dish from the current position that is locked on 110? Up down, left right? I am in 17745 zip code. I have EA setup, but I need 119 for my SD locals since the HD locals are on a...
  2. J

    TV2 Remote for 722 stopped working

    My TV2 remote has stopped working. It has new batteries and worked this morning but now it does not. I went to the menu screen and changed the UHF address with no problem, but it will not change channels or anything else. I can change the volume on the TV using the remote. If I am in the menu...
  3. J

    Used DVR 522 Receiver

    I was wondering if anyone knew where I could look to buy a used DVR 522 receiver. I already checked ebay and but wanted to know if there were any other places to check.
  4. J

    New York HD Locals from PA

    I live in Lock Haven, PA and would like to know if I could "move" and get the New York HD Locals?
  5. J

    ViP 722 Screen Saver

    Is there any way to turn the screen saver off so that when I turn the receiver off, it stops putting a signal out. My TV has a feature that will allow it to shut off after the signal is gone and also will auto tune to the last input that is activated. This makes it easy for my kids so when they...