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    Does Dish offer $100 for referral when you signup for Dish?

    Just wondering, can this be combined with other offers? Currently, Best Buy has a $100 gift card promo for signing up in-store or through their web portal.
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    3TB EHD

    Thanks for the quick reply.
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    3TB EHD

    Pardon my butting in, but I'm considering switching from DirecTV to Dish. Do the EHD's combine with the internal drive on the Hoppers? So 2TB EHD = 4TB total capacity? Are the recordings shown on a single playlist with the internal drive? I understand the Dish uses USB instead of eSATA. Any...
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    Non-SWM to Swm

    Although, conceivably, you could install another DVR at the same location and have four tuners between the two boxes. You would still have just one coax to that location.
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    part conversion to mrv

    The other option is to simply let D* swap out your old SD receivers for new ones at no cost to you. It's all part of the MRV upgrade.
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    Existing DirectTv customer trying to upgrade...

    I'm in the same boat as you where I've been trying to get D* to commit to an SWM install. I don't think D* installs the SWM-8 on any installs, new or otherwise. I'm pretty sure that they simply install the SWM-LNB, which does not have legacy ports. I suppose if you were a new subscriber and...
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    Dish Network - Sign up now or Feb 1st?

    Care to share any details?
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    Replacing Dead DirecTivO

    D* will almost certainly provide a new DVR at no cost. I might even suggest requesting an HD DVR just for the additional storage capacity. If the 2-year commitment is okay with her, that's an easy solution. The problem with replacing the unit, whether it's with another DirecTivo or with D*'s...
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    New sign up questions

    Going back to the OP's original question: Once upon a time, D* used to let you go out and purchase your desired equipment from a local retailer. D* would then credit your account for whatever was agreed upon. Does D* still do this? I'd also like to pick up a couple of HR22/23's for my...
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    Some questions about upgrading to HD

    I see. When I saw that the specs allowed for up to 8 receivers, I assumed that it meant the SWM-8 had 8 outputs. Your explanation makes perfect sense. Thanks, rad.
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    Some questions about upgrading to HD

    After doing some more research, I guess I'm leaning towards the SWM-8 solution. I see where they're going for about $110-120 on ebay. My question is: Do I need to purchase any splitters if I already have a home run to each room?
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    Comparing DirecTV & Dish but need info on billing practices and reliability

    I'm in California, so it might be slightly different, but D* doesn't add ANY extra fees to my bill. It's strictly the advertised monthly charge, the DVR fee, and the extra receiver fees. Oddly, even though D* is headquartered in El Segundo, CA, there are no taxes whatsoever on my bill. My...
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    Some questions about upgrading to HD

    Thanks. That was exactly what I was looking for.
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    Some questions about upgrading to HD

    That part is no problem. Will I have to deal with any letterboxing on SD channels? That's my main concern. Or will I have to enter in special channel numbers if the default numbers map to HD channels?
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    Trying to decide if I'm being rational

    If I were single and had OTA available, I would probably do exactly what you're doing. It's at least worth trying for a month or so. I think the only thing that I would miss are some sporting events that are only broadcast on regional sports networks (like Fox Sports West here in California)...
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    Some questions about upgrading to HD

    The SWM8 appears to be approx $160 or so. For $99, I can just replace the Tivo with an R-22, and everything would be SWM-capable, correct? If that's the case that only new installs get the SWMLNB, is there any way to get D* to include it for a fee? Or perhaps to make arrangements with the...
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    Some questions about upgrading to HD

    Zynergi, Thanks for the quick reply. I don't think the two-dish solution is going to be acceptable to the wife. Would it be better to just upgrade the last Tivo while I'm at it? I could live with a standard SD converter, but I just might be able to get D* to throw in an R-22. I presume an...
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    Some questions about upgrading to HD

    Okay, I'm finally getting close to replacing my old 32" CRT with an LCD HDTV. I have a few questions about the equipment. I've been with D* for a about 4.5 years. I'v got 3 DirecTivo units for my three SD sets. The dish is a triple-LNB tied to an Eagle Aspen (if I recall correctly) 4x8...
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    Was this a legitimate offer?

    I got a phone call from last night from someone claiming to represent DirecTV. The offer was to receive their Premier package and NFL sunday ticket for the next four months for just $10 more than I was currently paying per month. The agent said that there would be no commitment and that I...
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    anyone have multiroom dvr yet

    Thanks Longhorn, I always look forward to your info. Any word on the "6-tuner DVR"? Will this ever happen or was it always just a misunderstanding? The thing that's keeping me from switching to FIOS TV right now (aside from the fact it would cost me $10-20 more than my current D* plan) is...