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    HR24 and Internet Connection

    i have whole house dvr - i'm looking at my connections and i have an ethernet going from the deca to my hub and another ethernet going from hub to the HR24 receiver. this seems redundant - do i need both hooked up in this manner? thanks - i was looking for an open port on the hub and noticed...
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    Hockey in 3D on Directv saturday nite!!

    Directv is telecasting the Hockey nite in Canada 3D broadcast Saturday December 11 7pm = Toronto v Montreal!! already set my HR24!
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    HR24 and MVR problem

    i just got directv and have two hr24. lately i'm having problems watching shows recorded on the remote hr24 - the show it freezes up. if i watch it on the box it was recorded on it seems fine. would this be internet connectivity issue? is there something particular i should do or look for?
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    TV Recommendation

    ok - i'm finally upgraded my rca f38310 tv - served me well! what do you guys recommend - i'm a huge hockey nut - center ice - i've read that plasmas are better for fast moving images-- but lcd's are better in bright rooms. just curious what the average hockey fan uses...
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    Who to contact for Complaint?

    i was on the phone with a supervisor yesterday regarding ppv coupons and on demand... evidently they are not interchangeable - the supervisor was rude and hung up on me. i called back and they really had no concern about the treatment i received. i have 3 ppv coupons in my account and found...
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    Can't record certain Centre Ice channels

    every once in a while i can't select a channel to record. i highlight it and press select yet nothing happens. the other nite i tried earlier in the day to set up the flyers bruins game. couldn't do it. i could select any other channel to record so it wasn't the remote acting up. i just could...
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    No sound on one channel

    i'm not getting any sound out of my cbs (2) channel here in chicago - neither the sat or OTA (100% signal strength) gets sound. this is only affecting one one receiver - my 722. my 211 gets sound no problem. i rebooted and sound was there but once recording of the channel started it ended. i...
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    Deleting shows don't reduce available hours

    it seems my 722 doesn't accurately show the available hours after deleting a show. for example, i had 11 hours of HD available - i deleted a 4 hour HD show and it only went to 12 hours. any ideas regarding this??
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    hooking up dish online to router?

    hey guys - i need some advice - i got my dish online working thru my router perfectly - very cool to maintain my 722 DVR via my Pre! trouble is i'm out of ports on my router. i need to expand or get a new one - i've googled routers etc but this stuff is really foreign to me. i found the...
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    Trouble recording center ice

    i'm having trouble recording some NHL games on Center Ice... I tried to set up a manual timer and channel 628 did not show up in the list. i see this a lot - some channels not available when doing manual recording. seems like often its HD and SD channels with the same number. i then tried...
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    broken power button on 722

    i had a black box from where PIP was - i tried swapping tuners and changing channels but it wasn't working properly- so i pressed the power button for a reset. i walked away and came back and it still was not rebooted. i went to look at the power button and it was completely recessed in the...
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    722 software or hardware problem?

    i've been having probs withmy 722 - and i've been searching here and dbs and find others with similar probs - many are saying its the 6.14 software, some say the hardware. my probs: pausing won't work on either delayed or shows currently recording - jumps to live. inconsistent rewind or...
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    problem watching delayed

    i have a 722 and lately i can't watch a show delayed - it'll just jump ahead to live tv on its own- this occurs on both a delayed show (not being recorded) and ones that i'm recording, but the show has not completed recording yet. with both scenarios it will not stay delayed (i don't mean...
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    Pix break up with OTA on 722

    i'm having picture break up on recorded shows from our OTA - weather has been fine- i've also had trouble watching delayed shows - it often won't stay delayed = in other words, it'll suddenly jump ahead in the recording to live- from where i was watching delayed - very frustrating. any...
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    rain problem - not just fade

    when it rains my 722 goes bonkers-sometimes i can't even access the recorded shows- it often locks up. i understand rain fade, but why would the rain interfere with watching recorded programs?
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    NHL preseason and Center Ice

    i jumped from directv to dish last october - does dish show preseason center ice games ?? i know with direct i had to call and complain constantly and i even contacted the NHL offices- then they'd be on. tell me i won't have this battle with dish too!
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    Maximum shows saved??

    i notice my 722 exceeding the max number of shows i set it up to save for some timers -- it's not doing on all shows just a few ... anyone else see this?
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    New Roof /reinstall dish

    Just came over to Dish in october- have two dishes - one on garage, one on house. i am under the protection plan. i need a new roof on the house and the vent pipe that the dish is mounted to will be coming down. of course the roofer said they can put the dish back -but i'm sure they're...
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    Center Ice commercial insertion problem

    anyone with NHL Center Ice notice commercial insertion problems- adding more commercials to the NHL allotted commercial break? when they return from the commercial break the game is already under way and typically it's about a minute of action that's missed--obviously 2 extra commercials. this...
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    NBC Chicago audio problem

    anyone else notice audio problems with OTA audio on NBC in Chicago? the audio gets very tinny on occassion and annoying. i've googled it and found the problem on another board too... NBC sound - TiVo Community