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    It's Wed the 19th - any word on TNT HD ?

    Called Dish. TNT-HD Tomorrow @ 5:00pm Much to my surprise the CSR came right out and told me this when I called 5 minutes ago. It will be included in the HD pack @ no additional cost. If the CSR's are blabbing about it, guess it must be true. Has anyone heard about D* adding it?
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    811 Signal Strength

    i have also noticed this in south florida. yet another quirk of the infamous 811
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    Aspect Ratio on HD Special Events Channel

    Is it me, or is anyone else having trouble with NBA TV when it is transmitted on the DISH Special Events channel? Some of my text gets cut off when they are showing highlights. In other words, i can only see the top part of the text. Thanks
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    MLB Extra Innings Coming to DISH!

    MLB on Dish Website!!!! MLB Extra Innings* Starts April 5th MLB EXTRA INNINGS is now on DISH Network Season Ticket! MLB EXTRA INNINGS provides up to 60 regular season games a week from outside your home market. The available games that make up this package are in addition to those seen on...
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    New Software upgrade for 811

    Miami Locals I am having the same problems with my Miami loclas (cbs and pbs) anyone know why this is so?? Also, anyone in miami having reception problems with any of the OTA stations?? Thanks
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    OTA Digital signal strength on the 811

    same problwm here. my next door neighbor, with the same terk 55 antenna, has no such problem. of course, he has a direct tv hd reciever. any time frame for the new software?
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    NBA HD on Dish??

    Thanks for the help!
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    NBA HD on Dish??

    I am a first time poster with a question. I currently subscribe to Dish's America's Everything Pack. Also, in my 811 Purchase menu I see the NBA HD Pkg. However, everytime I try to tune in to an NBA game on HD on the Special Events channel, it tells me that the "game is blacked out.: Why is...