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    Animated image on the short-lived VOOMLLC

    Whille we all are waiting for the Monday's premiere of the Battle of Voom, you can watch this animated image that was displayed on the main page of the VOOMLLC web site. I managed to save it before it was pulled. If any of you misses the new voom web site, here is a chance for you to relish it...
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    Are Voom 21 channels gone? No.

    I turned on TV this morning before heading to work (7:30 AM MST time zone), all 21 Voom exclusive channels are blank. All other non-voom channels seem fine. Did Voom turn off the light on these channels?
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    Voom lite???

    I have been reading a lot of D* lite threads. What I saw tonight on TNT-HD (NBA games) made me think about Voom lite. Has anyone else noticed that the games on TNT-HD had too much pixelation and mosquito noise? The games I saw last week were way much better in PQ than this week's games. What is...
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    Rumor: 14 New HD Channels in March!

    I just talked to a CSR regarding whether I can get on with the 2 free months of premium channels promotion. The answer is no. The deal is for new customers only. However, when I inquried about the upcoming channel expansion, she told me that there will be 14 more HD channels, but she does not...
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    Component output better than DVI output on the STB?

    Has anyone noticed that PQ from component input is better than DVI input? I have been wondering about this for a while and thought this might be perculiar to my TV set. I just found out today from AVS forum that several other people also noticed this. Component input looks clearner (i.e., darker...