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    Is the HDNet Test pattern still available?

    Anybody know if the HDNet Test pattern is still available? It use to be on Tuesday at 8AM EST but now that's Hogan's Heros time slot.
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    How do you receive your locals and are they analog or digital?

    Read carefully before choosing the best fit. How do you receive your locals OTA, DN or cable and are they analog or digital? 1. Just get DN locals and NOT by an OTA antenna or cable. 2. Use DN NON-HD receiver to get analog only locals using my OTA antenna. 3. Use DN HD receiver to get...
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    "Fish at Nite". Can Dish update their Demo HD channel?

    The Demo channel 9443 is still showing the same program since 2002. They're introducing the PSK module for the model 6000 as the latest information. They should be displaying more current stuff like today's receivers and latest news on the channels they offer. At least change the program once a...
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    Want four satellite locations.

    Would like to include 61.5 to my SuperDish (4 satellite locations). I have SuperDish (110,119,121) with a DPP34 switch connected to my DVR921. Would like to add a separate 18 dish (which I still have) for 61.5. Presently my spare LNBs are legacy but I understand they wouldn't work with the...