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    301 acquiring guide info daily

    I was going to call dish tomorrow but if I can resolve it here why deal with dish customer service. Here's my problem. My old 301 box is acquiring the guide signal once a day interrupting my tv watching. It happens at random times whereas an hour earlier it may have been able to show me up to 3...
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    hd receiver with sd setup?

    can i use an hd receiver with my existing sd dish setup? I'm not looking for hd but ti seems all new dvrs are hd. does this mean i have to have an hd system or can i use the dvr for sd?
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    eastern arc self upgrade

    can i take my existing dish 500 and set it up for eastern arc? first off will dn let me do it? second do i need a new transponder? thanks.
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    channel available for immediate upgrade

    there's a channel not included in the top 200 that i want. it's in the top 250. it says its available for immediate upgrade. how much would it cost to add 1 channel?
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    live broadcast in 30 min.

    me and my friend will be broadcasting a comedy in 30 min heres a link Dan and Joe on USTREAM: A comedy show that we are doing because were bored. All@@AMEPARAM@@ this link has been edited
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    no 625 external storage

    i was going to try to put some shows on my 625 on an external storage medium. I hooked up my flash drive and went to the menu and every feature i hit said not yet supported. how do i get support on this device for external storage? if you need more info please ask
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    what's better about having any other sats than 110 and 119

    is 118 free with the top 200 i've been reading all about people having more than 110 and 119. what will this do for me? what are the advantages? Is this better than just 110 and 119? My whole house is SD if that helps No HD
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    What happened to all the anime?

    I have had dish net for a while and i've noticed something. the only anime i can find is on small microscopic blocks of programming. So I ask what happened to the negotiations for funimation channel and anime network? are there any anime channels?
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    this has been bugging me

    I don't know if this is a stupid question or not but how do dish and cable companies get the channels they broadcast? i know you can't receive them with an antenna
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    local channels

    i live close to atlanta georgia i have a twin lnbf one going to my tv and one going to the dvr i want to get macon channels but i don't want it to affect the dvr is there a way i can tell dish an address halfway between both cities and get both lineups sorry if this sounds stupid Dan