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    Hopper 3 U543 released

    Just recieved U544 this morning. Anyone know shst it adds? Usually my EHDs don’t show after nightly soft reboot and I have to unplug hopper. They are there after U544 update, but might just be because upgrades are like a power cycle.
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    Charlie Chat Recap 10-12-09

    Well in the Q&A, 922 status was updated. Not before mid-November, shooting for pre-Christmas. Anyone who's followed Dish over the years knows that means THEY HAVE NO IDEA because the software is too buggy. Could be 2 months, 6 or 12... :(
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    TIVO vs E*

    If the ruling stands, it makes TiVo a defacto monopoly codified by the courts. As a monopoly, they can NOT refuse to license their product to Dish nor charge more for it without Dish having an anti-trust claim against TiVo. That's the last thing TiVo wants.
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    In-laws 722 installed with composite to HDTV

    And the picture will be fine. Seeing the difference between component and hdmi/dvi connections from a Dish box with highly compressed HD content would take a very large TV and very good eyes.
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    yep, I mentioned this on the uplink thread. Nick HD is off. very similar to some of the pay movie channels. I record movies, they are out of sync. using a 622, don't see this issue on the rest of the channels. No excuse for this. Not hard to get it right. :confused: and here's a...
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    Nick HD out of sync Like certain movie channels on Dish, Nick HD is out of sync (voice to pic) on my 622. About as annoying as the Cartoon Network "HD" channel that is just a justified stretch of their SD channel, which means there's no way to make the picture look correct on any TV if it's a...
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    Picture will freeze & skip

    this happens on the 622, 522, 722, etc. On my current 622, it happens once in a while live, more often on a recorded show. It happens far more often when the disk is recording something else at the time (or stopping a recording, or starting one) It's a minor issue to me. If I truly missed...
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    Help! Expensive Error Message!

    No offense, but it sounds like you think you know what you are doing but don't, which makes it harder to trouble shoot. Despite "doing this stuff all the time" you need to be more descriptive about what you are trying to accomplish, what is coming from where, etc. For example, how was he...
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    Do you agree/Disagree how Dish Network Handle the Voom Massacre?

    The thing about VOOM is/was that it had to be a temporary solution anyway. It was created to give people HD when the rest of the entertainment world was dragging it's heals on that front. Now, most channels are going HD, the digital transition on broadcast is in less than a year, and having...
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    DISH is airing inappropriate ads on TV Land

    Oh, it's more than just nudity... Hard core hetero and lesbian sex is on those tapes, not just girls showing breasts. It is much more graphic than Playboy. Very Larry Flynt... And the commercials in question show girls in those positions, just with stars covering portions. But a 7 year...
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    Can I paint my Dish saucer thingy the same color as my siding????

    People Order Our Patties.
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    Is ceo address still working?

    I've emailed them, always gotten a fast response via a phone call, and they resolved my issue by sending me a 522 without contract to replace my 721 (3rd failed), then a 625 5 days later when the 522 failed... Very nice, helpful people.
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    How To Re-Initialize The Hard Drive on DVR

    I can't get this to work on my 522 either. Won't go past the info step. So can't reset NVRAM either.
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    Why is Dish NOT splitting Noggin/The N

    how oh how to all those kids who don't have noggin or the n at all live? it must be hard not to get moesha and go diego go reruns 24/7. where will they turn for their dora? oh, wait, to nickelodeon and nick west... seriously though, don't dish often do programming changes in february at the...
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    Voom Channels Down

    it was all of 3 hours where something went wrong with a few channels. cable outages are much worse in general. get a grip people! you think it will be better at another provider? same issues. My 721 broke again (3rd one) but do I think cable will be better? no, since my sister is on her...
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    Here, e-mail Dish

    if it's the address I'm thinking of, ceo, it still works despite all the "abuse." Get responses within a couple of hours from people with authority to solve your problem without checking with anyone. I was able to replace a 721 with a 625 with no cost and no contract via that email address...
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    Dish Network And FIOS TV Help

    That review does not have the current box in it. It is VASTLY improved. The menus are beautiful, there are tons of features. My mom has the system that talks to other STBs and allows them to watch recorded programs, and after an initial box failure within 12 hours, the techs came back and...
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    Dish Network And FIOS TV Help

    Fios DVR is not poor, depending on which one... The Motorola Qip whatever the heck it's called is a great box. My mom has Verizon Fios in Florida and it's a box I could use every day and be happy. I only wish they would add the extend recording feature when you are choosing to record...
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    Why all the HD posts here?

    Just a heads up, this is clearly marked a technical forum for NOT-HD equipment, yet many are posting about 622s and 722s and 211s. There is a forum for that. Use it please. Makes it easier for those of us looking for tech info on SD equipment. We don't swim in your toilet so don't pee in...
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    Dead 721, easiest way to get new unit?

    RESOLVED: I contacted the ceo email address and detailed my problem (3 failed 721s over time, inability to commit to 18 months as a renter with a lease up in 5 months). They promptly called me, and I couldn't take the call at the time, so called them back via a direct phone number, and we...