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    no reception on some directv channels

    i stand corrected, you are right !! that is a first :eek: but in five years , evens out with a rca or hughes is lnb or ird odds out is cable or ground blocks ..................bob
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    no reception on some directv channels

    the even transponders are the 13 volt side!!! check ground block and every connection, usually on an rca or hughes, loss of evens most of the time is the ird (reciever) try unplugging it for at least 3 minutes .......bob :)
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    my name is bob and i want you all to think about this this evening, silversurfer is in our military and we are at war. he still has time for this site and deserves our thoughts and prayers, and he kicked me off for two weeks. still i respect his service to our republic. :cool: i dont think i...
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    DirecTv Transponder Problems

    i agree with boba, sounds to me like you are hitting the 119 satellite
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    DirecTv Transponder Problems

    you have multiple problems, and why are you only checking the high end even transponders? check 3 and 8 what do you have? what make of reciever ? how long has system been active? where are you located?
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    VOOM Spinoff Delayed again

    excuse me , reuters reported they have 26,000 subs left doesnt suprise me, the system stinks say bye bye VOOM
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    VOOM Spinoff Delayed again

    can i ask you a serious question??? they have like 100,000 cx IF THEY ARE LUCKY pq sux never gonna have locals i will never understand the HD / VOOM zealots my guess, the will go belly up, soon, very soon ..............bob
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    Land lord stole my dish!!!!

    note to cdru, meter is the power companys, meter socket that it plugs into is yours, it is bolted to home gas and water meters are not bolted to home they are mounted to YOUR lines nid for phone is yours if it is attached to your property gave you the benefit of doubt, until i talked...
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    Land lord stole my dish!!!!

    before i say this , i want to let you know i love ramming my copy of the fcc law up landlords and HOA asses. but. that dish isnt yours, the minute it got bolted to the house it became the property owners dish. you can prosecute for denial of rights to get satellite feeds but the dish is his ...
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    Crystal Ball, Dec 2004

    nick, ill post my predictions later on, but a question for you. e* pq better than d* ????????? whatever you are drinking, send me some ....bob
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    In case you are wondering what happened to HITN ....

    fight nice boys
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    Installer training

    some advice , call directv at 1800.531.5000 and ask them for the HSP in your area and get hired by them. they will train you , you will get certified free and have a vehicle and insurance. then if you like it by all means go on your own. ours is a great enterprise, THERE ARE PITFALLS TOO...
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    Novice question / grounding?

    john, i may take some heat on this but here goes. i started 5 years ago working for a major hsp during the primestar conversions and have since installed at least 10,000 conversions and new systems. i also have heard it all from grounding a steel dish and not grounding a para-todos ( they...