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    CM4228 Pre-amped

    It's best to go w/the largest antenna you can handle and then add a pre-amp if you need to.
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    Got my antenna upgrade yesterday...(sigh)

    See if they will swap out the OTA rcvr, may/may not help.
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    OTA Antenna HELP!

    My vote is for the silver sensor, unless you can get the SS to point at the station on an outside wall.
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    Standing By For Installer - any tips?

    make sure they ground the OTA and dish correctly
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    Voom and the OTA antenna

    You may want to use a jointenna not just a combiner. Depends upon the frequencies.
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    OTA antennas(merged with Voom and the OTA antenna)

    You may want to use a jointenna not just a combiner. Depends upon the frequencies.
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    Voom and the OTA antenna

    possibly, but not necessarily (that's a lot of help I know)
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    No OTA since install in mid-June

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    OTA antenna w/ Voom

    need to check and let us know what the numbers say.
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    Upcoming install, what should I expect?

    THey showed up 1 out of 5 appointments for me, so don't hold your breath.
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    TIP: How to increase the voltage to the OTA antenna

    Great INFO! So if you get to the OTA channel by using the channel up/down you still get 13? Are they fixing this in the firmware?
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    Antenna Booster

    Actually the squareshooter may work well for you. We need to know if your OTA's are UHF or VHF or both.
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    question about cabling/diplexer

    Do you want the other OTA transmissions as Analog or digital?
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    OTA and Diplexer?

    if your that low on a clear day then removing the diplexer MAY help on perfect days, but you'll probably crap out in any kind of atmospheric disturbance. It would help to let us know what direction your transmitters are from your home, how far away from your home, and if they are UHF/VHF. Then...
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    VOOM Installations

    HDNet is locally broadcast OTA in some areas. Sounds like a mapping issue
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    VOOM Installations

    It depends upon your location, maybe your transmitters are spread out.
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    VOOM Installations

    The diplexer is used when you want the STB (rcvr) to power both the dish and the antenna. If they run separate lines (which I prefer) then you simply put a power supply (inserter) in line with the OTA. No big deal, you don't need the diplexer.
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    VOOM Installations

    I called after VOOM put in the wrong zip for my install and the installer couldn't drive a few hundred miles to get me (no kidding). They credited me $50 for the trouble.
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    VOOM Installations

    the channel master diplexer isn't junk, but it does have insertion loss just like any of these.
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    Voom Installer Here NOW - Quick Question!!

    I'm going back and running 2 lines myself. My installer didn't ground anything and shot staples through the cable jacket. I want double shielded RG6 anyway. I can't expect them to supply that.