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  1. penguinsix

    Is adjusting your dish every 6-9 months "normal"?

    Hi I live on the top of a cliff so I have a bit of wind and weather (which might be the cause) but it seems every 6-9 months I've got to go out to the pole and twist things a bit. Today the whole dish 'assembly' had shifted about 1/2 inch to the west (i.e. with the wind) following a big...
  2. penguinsix

    Globecast WorldTV box dead

    Is there any sort of reset or anything that could start up a WorldTV Globecast box? The other day mine was turned off with the ---- across the faceplate, and I went to turn it on and then it powered off, completely, and won't turn back on. Unplug, replug, no dice, no lights, no nothing. I...
  3. penguinsix

    How much does it cost to have your own channel on an FTA bird?

    So, say I had the content and wanted to start my own TV station, broadcasting FTA to the US on IA-5 or whatever it is called now. How much is 24/7 transponder space? I asked because I'm curious but also because I wonder how some of those carpet salesman manage to pay for their always on 'buy...
  4. penguinsix

    Winter is over and I get 1/2 of the arc?

    Hi, Well this is a bit strange (or maybe not). But I've noticed recently that I can only get from SBS-6 to birds 'West', but not to any of those East. T5, G3, AMC3(?) all seem to be ok, but when I try something like PAS9ku, I get nothing. AMAzonas--nothing (though I guess it is dead)...
  5. penguinsix

    CCTV gone?

    Turned on the tv this morning and all three of my CCTVs (CCTV-4, CCTV-9 and CCTV E&F) were black. They are normally on G3 for me and I hope they aren't doing something silly like flipping over exclusively to Dish or something. Anyone else having any luck, or just some temporary thing?
  6. penguinsix

    How to unpaint a dish?

    Actually, it's not a question. I just thought I'd share my experience should anyone ever search on this subject. Kind of an FYI I decided to 'be cool' and paint my dish black, so it would blend in better with the background trees and woods. After originally agreeing to the idea, the wife...
  7. penguinsix

    Al Jazeera English live on Wed. Al Jazeera starts their English language service. I've been seeing the teasers on T5 for a few weeks (replaced by a test patern earlier today).
  8. penguinsix

    Upgrading: Two dishes, or a new motor?

    I have a 90cm dish with a HH-90 that I think I can safely say is just shot. It has a mind of its own sometime, and changes positions, goes to reference, does whatever almost as if it was possessed. So I'm kind of wondering: should I just replace the HH-90 motor, or upgrade to a bigger dish...
  9. penguinsix

    Demonic Possession of my HH-90--options?

    For reasons that defy logical explanation, as far as I can tell, my Stab HH-90 motor has taken on a personality of its own. Sometimes it works, sometimes it goes to reference position, sometimes it leaves reference and hunts for a bird, sometimes it gets there and decides after five minutes...
  10. penguinsix

    Upgrading from entry-level to the next level--suggestions?

    Hi, I've been playing with my system for about a year now and am considering an upgrade of sorts to something that will be a) more reliable and b) greater reception. Right now I have a: Pansat 3500sd A 1meter dish A HH90 motor Some cheap LNB (2 of them due to a shipping error...
  11. penguinsix

    What kind of pole?

    I've decided to sink a pole for my dish, but wondering if I should use an aluminum fence pole from home depot or some other time of pole / pipe?. Any suggestions?
  12. penguinsix

    Pansat 3500--time for a reset?

    I'm having a rather annoying problem with my Pansat3500. I'm often switching between T5 and G3 (wife likes the Chinese channels) and eventhough they are a few milimeters apart it seems, every so often the dish goes back to 'reference position' and the whole process has to start from...
  13. penguinsix

    Build a platform or sink a pole?

    I'm looking to move beyond the "don't touch it because it works just where it is" phase of my FTA setup, and am considering two options. 1) Build a small platform 3 - 5 feet off the ground with a flat/level surface on the top where I can mount the dish, or 2) Sink in concrete a...
  14. penguinsix

    Pansat 3500 signal level fixed at 20?

    Odd one today. Flipped on the Pansat3500s and found no picture on T5 and signal LEVEL at 20 (quality was 0). Flipped to G3, SBS-6, a few others--all reported signal LEVEL at 20 quality of 0. Level did not fluctuate at all (normally it is up down up down). Was thinking of doing a factory...
  15. penguinsix

    Wing nuts on the elevation?

    My dish is a few points off and I'm getting tired of adjusting it. For example, on IA-5, I get about 40 quality. But, while I'm out there, if I put a little pressue on the top of the dish and pull it back a bit, I go up to about 70 quality. This is part of the 'wiggle' or 'play' that exists...
  16. penguinsix

    Spring Cleaning for the Dish

    This was my first winter with a dish outside, and I've had a bit of signal degredation over the last few months that I'm kind of thinking is due to some earth shifting or bolts loosened or change in temperature or something. Is it common to have a "spring cleaning" where you readjust the dish...
  17. penguinsix

    Chinese IPTV box

    My wife reads the US Chinese language papers and the other day I was looking over her shoulder and saw an ad for a Chinese IPTV box. You got some pretty cool channels on the thing (from China) but I couldn't get all the details as it was in Chinese. Anyone heard of this yet? I can try to...
  18. penguinsix

    Pansat 3500s constantly returns to reference position

    My mother in law loves to switch between T5 and G3, which I gather are only a bit apart. However, sometimes when she does this, the dish decides to reset back to reference position of due South. I usually think it is because she is flipping the channels too frequently (she is a bit impatient)...
  19. penguinsix

    Building a dish from Coke cans?

    I was looking at some photos from Iraq the other day and saw this guy who sold satellite dishes pounded out of old cans (looked like Pepsi). Anyone ever done one of those? A little DIY project? Would be kind of neat to try it. Wonder if the plans are out there on the net.
  20. penguinsix

    RTR Sports gone?

    Anybody else lose RTR Planeta and RTR Sports? I'm missing my Russian hockey fix...