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    Hopper 3 external drives have disappeared

    336 fixed my 3tb EHD....finally!
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    EHD message on Hopper 3 tonight

    Yeah I have been waiting for a couple days now to get U332. I have been putting it into standy-by but only the guide update downloads. I usually get the updates quickly but not this one. I contacted dish support via chat and they could not really do anything. Since I got U331 on 10/21, one of...
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    Hopper3 Update taking out External Hard Drives

    Now my 3tb HGST drive is not working with my H3. When connected thru my Sabrent enclosure nothing happens. When connected thru a Rosewill adapter, the H3 will recognize it but it prompts me to re-format the drive if I want to use it. It already has a bunch of movies that I dont want to lose! My...
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    Hopper 3 external drives have disappeared

    As others have mentioned the issue is with the Hopper not recognizing the EHD. The drive is still OK. You can test this by connecting it to a computer and it should recognize it. Dish must have changed the software with how it works with EHDs on this latest update. Hopefully they can just revert...
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    Physical address change to get different local channels on Dish Network

    Get the exact address including zip code of a store or something in Atlanta. Call dish and tell them that you need your physical address changed but that your billing address needs to stay the same. They might ask if you moved and need an installer. Just say that you do not need an installer at...
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    How to Post / Insert Photos

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    I have no loyalty to Sirius/xm

    I get the 6month deal for $50. I create a calendar reminder a few days before my deal expires to call and cancel. The first offer the 1 year deal then they will offer the 6month deal. Its worth the $8.33 \month.
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    Channels Exclusively on Flex and other packs but NOT available on AT Packages

    I subscribe to AT250 with HBO. My favorite channel list has only 130 channels. So I feel like I am being ripped off since they force me to pay for channels that I never watch just so I can get a few that I do watch. I had hopes that the flex pack would allow me to pay for mostly only the...
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    Thinking of coming back, but, some questions plus eastern arc vs. western arc

    Can you not add an external HD to the comcast box? I used Tivo for years and loved their GUI and Guide etc. Plus they have more built-in apps that actually work pretty well. Netflix, Amazon, Hulu YouTube etc. The only reason I left Tivo is because at the time I could not access the VOD library...
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    EHD Not Recognized

    The chips built in to some of the newer external hard drives are not working with the H3. I was able to get the Sabrent external enclosure and a 3TB HGST drive to work with my H3. It formatted it to 2.8TB.
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    External Hard Drive Limitations for Hopper

    I was able to get a 3TB HGST internal drive to work in the Sabrent enclosure. The H3 formatted it to 2.8TB. These articles convinced me to go with the HGST drive instead of WD or Seagate. The HGST has a 3 year warranty and is very quiet. The Sabrent enclosure has a built in fan and is quiet...
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    First we lost at 5pm today we lose NBC via Raycom

    If dish could just get the OTA adapters in stock and the OTA recording issues resolved then this would be a non-issue for most people. I prefer to use OTA for my locals. The PQ is much better and it will save $10 per month now that they have the flex packs. Of course there must be guide data. Im...
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    Tribune Broadcasting Company Blacks Out DISH Customers in 33 Markets;

    Greetings from annoyed OKC! I have been fine without nbc this summer. I stand with dish and believe what that are doing is right and hopefully other providers will do the same. However, I can be patient for only so long. Once the fall prime time season starts I expect them to have resolved...
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    What happened to the prepair for mobile option?

    Settings - DVR Timer Defaults - Smart prepare for mobile
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    CES 2016 PR: DISH’s HopperGO Takes 100 Hours of DVR Recordings On The Go

    I dont see a Dish Anywhere app in the Win10 store. Probably not in the Windows mobile app store either.So the HopperGO only works with Android and iOS devices. Only thing I dont like is when you connect your phone or tablet to the HopperGO wifi hotspot, that becomes your data connection so you...
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    External Hard Drive Limitations for Hopper

    Thanks for confirming that the Sabrent enclosure works. I was looking at that one the other day on Amazon and was going to order it. Which model hard drive do you have installed? I was going to try a 3TB one. Maybe this one - I tried 2 different external hard drives from BestBuy last week but...
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    Tribune Broadcasting Company Blacks Out DISH Customers in 33 Markets;

    I was tired of not having NBC so I installed an OTA tuner for my HTPC. So I can record nbc now just in time for the Olympics! My dish OTA adapter that is only a few months old stopped working and who knows when I can get it replaced. The PQ is far better than what dish sends thru the satellite...
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    EHD Not Recognized

    I just bought a Seagate 3TB external hard drive from Bestbuy. My Hopper3 wont recognize it. It is self powered. I have tried all 3 ports. My computer can see the drive just fine. I reformatted the drive with my computer. I have rebooted the H3 and EHD several times. I deleted the volume and...
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    Hopper cant see OTA adapter

    Yep except dish is out and they dont know when they will get any in stock. I could buy one from another online store..
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    Ch 103, free preview channel

    I can see both on my H3 if I set the Guide to display All Subscribed or All Channels. If I am set to a Fav channel list then I can only access the Hopper Insider 103.