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    IMG 1.9 Release

    I see that the IMG 1.9 release if finally going to rollout. I read on the verizon forum today that it will begin rolling out to Buffalo, Syracuse, Albany and Harrisburg initially. I also read in the release notes that the Multi Room DVR will work between DVR's which is a nice feature. The hard...
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    Comcast Tech Support Phone Number

    Is there a direct number to reach knowledgable tech support at Comcast? A buddy of mine is hooking up a receiver for his poarents and is getting "the channel will be available shortly' message. They are going from basic cable with no box to digital. The cable comes into the receiver then out...
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    MLB EI Free Preview

    I have heard that FIOS is showing a free preview of the MLB Extra Innings package starting yesterday or today. I will be able to confirm this once I get hoime from work. Try channel 1474 for HD.
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    Switch to FIOS from Dish

    I am making the switch from dish to FIOS on Tuesday. Other than the DVR and guide is there anything I need to know or tips to maximize the service? I am getting one Home Media DVR and one HD Dvr for 2 hd tv's. Verizon is ginving me an unbelievable deal on the triple play.
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    How to Return Equipment After Cancelling

    If you cancel your service wiht Dish how do you get the equipment back to them? Specifically the dish itself. I think the receiver get mailed back but how does the dish get removed and sent back?
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    FIOS HD MultiRoom DVR Questions

    I am considering switching from Dish to FIOS. I know that the DVR and guide are an issue but I may be able to get past that. I have 2 HDTV's. If I get an HD Multi Room DVR for the main tv and a HD STB (no dvr) for the second HD TV can I watch everything from the HD Multi Room DVR on the second...
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    Adding DVD Burner to PC

    I have a Dell Dimension 4400. I know it is old but.....I would like to add a dvd burner. What do I need to look for to make sure the burner is compatible with my system?
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    DVR End Time Extending on Creation

    I have noticed that my dvr has been recording an additional 30 minutes on every show. I went through all of the timers and corrected the end late time to 0 or an appropriate number. I set up some new timers and the default end late time is 30 minutes. I did not see a global setting for this...
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    Adding Receiver to existing set up

    I currently have a Vip 722 connected to two tv's. The first tv is my HD. I connect to the second tv using the existing coax that we used for cable. I have a 1000.2 and a wing dish for 61.5. I have a switch on the back of the house that the two satellited connect to. My questoin is......what...
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    1080p VOD on DishOnline

    It looks like dish is going to offer one tv show from A&E in 1080p via DishOnline. I hva enot checked to see if I can get to it or not yet but I am reading this on the dish network web site.
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    Can Snow on Dish hurt the signal

    A buddy of mine has a Dish 500 (I think) with a 625 receiver. This morning there was no tv, just trying to acquire a signal. This happened a few weeks ago. The common thread is that it snowed overnight on both days. If there is snow on the dish will that affect the signal? Would you expec...
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    Recovering Deleted Pictures From a Memory Card

    If all of the pictures have been deleted from a memory card is it possible to recover them? All pictures have been deleted and nothing has happened to the card since. The card is a Sandisk 512MB.
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    Outerbanks NC Good Eats?

    The family is heading to the Outerbanks in a couple of weeks. I have been there before but really do not remember any good restaurants. Does anyone have any reccomendations for good Outerbanks restaurants? We like Italian, Chinese and we LOVE BBQ . I would expect some good BBQ joints in NC...
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    PS2 Internet Connecting Issue

    I have verizon fios so I wanted to connect my slim PS2 to the router with an ethernet cable. I ran the PS2 config cd and ran the test. All was well. When I try to connect wiht an online game I get a message that says that I cannot connect to the internet. I went into the router DMZ and made...
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    Ethernet vs. Wireless download speed

    I have just upgraded my 768k DSL to FIOS 5\2 service. I have a desktop and laptop both running XP Home SP2. Both machines are connecting to the router wirelessly. I ran a few download tests and I am getting about 2.7Mbps on both. I connected the laptop to the router via the ethernet port and...
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    Was the Netflix Web Siter hi-jacked?

    I am not able to get to the Netflx websit this monirng. Every link takes me to a page by Sedo Domain Parking. Is anyone else having this issue? I am directed here even if I use my browsing history.
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    Wing Dish or No Wing Dish

    On my original install I received a Dish 1000.2 and was able to see the 129 satellite. The tech said that a tree was very close to the LOS and might cause trouble in the future. Over a period of 5 months the signal dropped repeatedly so Dish sent out a tech and he installed a wing dish so I...
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    Replacing Power Jack in Laptop

    Would anyone be able to walk me through replacing a power jack in a laptop? I have attached a picture of the replacement jack.
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    AC Adapter Broken Off in Laptop

    I have a Gateway MX3228. The ac adapter was plugged into the slot on the laptop, was kicked and broke off. Does anyone have an idea of how to get the broken piece out of the slot. Is it possible to replace the slot on the laptop?
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    Gateway Laptop LCD Screen Vertical Lines

    I have a Gateway MX3228 laptop. The right hand 1/3 of the screen has vertical lines displayed as soon as it boots up and they never go away. If you torque the screen at the top the screen is visible but slightly distorted. Any idea what could be causing the issue and what, if anything I can...