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    I Can't Find BBC World News On Dish

    Hi. I understand that BBC World News is now on Dish on ch 281. When I go to this channel by entering it manually, I go to 280. The channel doesn't appear. I have Western Arc using a Wally. Is the channel not availible on that arc? I can't get Eastern arc due to where my apartment is located...
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    Thinking about DirecTV

    Hi, I currently have dish network. I'm weighing my options to see what might be more affordable, so I was wondering if there's a list of DirecTV channels by package I could look at? And I'm having trouble determining from their website what packages and channels or what., The website isn't a...
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    TV 2 suddenly not working

    It worked fine yesterday when I woke up, but last night there was a message on my TV that I can't read since I'm blind. Have enough vision to know the message is there, but I can't read it. Hitting channel up and down does nothing. I woke up today, and I couldn't wake up the TV by hitting...
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    Formula one on sirius Xm?

    used to be on 209 on M, or on serious XM sports zone. Thanks for any help, I'm sorry about the typos. My dictation is being stupid at the moment. Does Sirius Xm still broadcast this? This scheduled page claims that there aren't any races, even though I know there's one tomorrow morning. Posted...
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    wondering if dish will carry krbk ch 49?

    any idea if dish will carry this channel if and when it ever launches? thanks for any info.