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    Dish Class Action Law Suit?

    My in-laws received a post card from "Dish Settlement Claims Adjustment" about joining a class action law suit. Parker vs. Dish Network. Anyone know about this or if it is legit?
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    Having Trouble Signing Up For Free HD

    I just upgraded my account to a 722 w/ HD programing and was told I could sign up for "Free HD For Life" online, but I can't find this anywhere? Does anyone know exactly where? Thanks
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    How many receivers on an account

    How many receivers are allowed on one account. I would like 10 and don't mind having to purchase the receivers.
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    System Check

    I have a HR24 and H24 with swm. The HR24 is fine, but the H24 keeps doing a system check, about 6 times last night. The signals are mostly in the mid to high 90's with a couple in the high 80's here and there. Any ideas what might be going on?
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    1000.4 Help

    I have a 722 and decided to try a 1000.4 western arc, I get everything set up (the pole is plumb). I bring in 119 with good signal, check switch and only 119 but it is in the third box? Ok, so I move the dish east 9 degrees, check switch 110 in the third box? Any suggestions?
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    311 Rusty Cable

    I have a 311 receiver that rusted out the coax for the satellite feed right at the connection port of the reciever. I have the receiver hooked up to a DPP 500. This has happend twice in about 6 months. Anyone have any ideas of what might cause this?
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    Switches & 1000.2

    I have a customer in a situation where he would need four tuners. I initially set him up with (2) 311's and (2) 211's. I used the 1000.2 antennae, but with the W bracket and single dp lnbs that led to a dp 34 switch. One of the recievers went out and a tech came to replace the reciever, but also...
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    Data Transmission Network

    Does anyone have experience with DTN. I know that DTV has/had a partnership with DTN. If so I was hoping you could give me a few tips on how to install this system.
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    FTA Spanish

    Hi, new to this looks like I might be a decade late; but are there any FTA channels I can recieve in espaniol?
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    311 & DPP Problems

    I am having an issue with a satellite. I have the mast plum, I set the dish to the desired skew and elevation. My meter reads 110 & 119 with solid signal. When I do a check switch only 119 shows and the next ports display conn w/ x and conn w/ x. I tried replacing using DP LNB with the same...
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    Regional Sports on Directv?

    I am looking at DTV, but I can not see anywhere on thier brochure what level of programing I need to purchase to receive my regional sports. Is anyone familiar with this?
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    129 Issues

    The satellite got pushed down with extreme amounts of snow running off the roof. I went up and reset the 1000.2 where it was before. I get to looking and the mast is about 1/4 inch off of plum. So I try to make up for this with the skew. I go in do a check switch. 110, 119, 129 all green. Turn...
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    Switch Help

    I have a 1000.2 set up with (2) 211's connected. I would like to add (2) 311's for a total of 4TV's. What switch do I need?
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    Transponder Maps

    Does anyone have a transponder map that would show transponder 4 from satellite 110?
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    What satellite for spanish programing?

    What satellites does the spanish programing come from?
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    DVR Reboots

    I have a dvr that keeps rebooting. The message says something like: do not turn off power system is doing a software update. It will reach 90% and sit there for about 5 minutes and then start all over again. Any ideas of what the problem my be?
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    Which Satellite For Spanish?

    Does the spanish programing come off a different satellite than 101? Will I need a specific type of receiver and dish or will the oval type work?
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    322 wont work with phone line

    I recently intalled a 722 & 322. When I connected them to the phone line the 722 worked fine; the 322 failed. The same thing happened at another install in the same town. I contacted the phone company and they can not explain why this would happen. They have switched from dsl to fiber optics...
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    TV2 in the garage?

    If I wanted to place tv2 of a 322 into my garage, about 80 feet from the receiver, could I use a diplexer and hook it to the tv2 antenna on the receiver and place the antenna in the garage off the other diplexer?
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    Help: 722 with no sound on TV1

    I hooked up a 722 today. TV1 has no sound, TV2 is all ok. I tried hdmi, s, and rca, and still no luck. When I try to turn up the volume; it gives a message . . . audio locked . . . but this looks like it is coming from the tv, it does not appear to be a dish message.