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    Google TV=Discount For Dish Customers

    622, 722, 722k only initially. 612 and 922 will have to wait for now. Kinda seems a little like a netbook for a tv though. Still, if people can play Farmville on it, there ought to be a line out the door for this then.
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    Streaming content from PC to 722k?

    Perhaps the Logitech Revue is the thing for you.
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    4 defective 722k's? Or unrealistic expectations?

    also if a phone line is connected to receiver unhook it and then unplug replug the box. Observe it for issues after that.
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    No Dish Sling For VIP211

    This last comment is stated as if you had such a contact. You will not have a VP on the phone from DISH this week. I'm sure of that.
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    No Dish Sling For VIP211

    The benefits of an hd dvr is that you can watch hd, record hd, pause, rewind, etc. The benefits of DISH REMOTE ACCESS are as follows: Features Schedule DVR Recordings Schedule DVR recordings from anywhere One-touch recording - simply choose to record one event, all events or...
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    No Dish Sling For VIP211

    not an advertised feature.
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    No Dish Sling For VIP211

    get a grip. What you want is not an advertised feature of the 211. dish doesnt advertise ehd plus dra/dvr for that receiver.
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    Any areas lacking installer coverage

    Just wondering what areas are lacking professional installer coverage? I'm thinking of taking a vacation soon and can offset vacation expenses with a little bit of side work.
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    External Hard Drive Activation Fee

    So just because they made a lot of money that should somehow mean they should be charitable to people who want things free? I don't care if that figure is ten times that, if DISH can make money activating EHD functionality for $40, then so be it. It's called supply and demand. Now, if no one was...
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    First Strike Meter is great for pointing at G19

    I used to have a Birdog but the best C/N figures I could get was around 7-8db C/N for G19 on TP 11842. Now with the First Strike, I was able to get 11.9 C/N. Took a little getting used to but I like seeing the better numbers. Also, the Birdog didn't give me the ability to edit which transponders...
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    No Dish Sling For VIP211

    I dont think he's using an external sling unit. I think he's expecting it to behave like a 922 if he simply connects the ethernet cable to it.
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    External Hard Drive Activation Fee

    So in essence, the Canadian OP can buy a 722 for $319 and pay $40 EHD and be out the door for $359 or he can pay $499 + $0 EHD and be out the door for $499? Or he can lease it for $25 from Bell versus $17 here through DISH. After 5 months he would have paid more than $40 extra to lease so then...
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    External Hard Drive Activation Fee

    The more features you choose to have, the more reasons you have to call when those features don't work right. It's the same principle for charging for DVR service, because if that DVR service isn't working, you're gonna want some support on that. Who wouldn't call if their DVR suddenly had error...
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    External Hard Drive Activation Fee

    Alright, so then consider this: You wake up one morning to watch your movies that you have stored on your EHD and they won't play. What then? Are you gonna call DISH network for help or just deal with it? How many here would call DISH? How many laymen with this feature would call DISH? The...
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    External Hard Drive Activation Fee

    a person with ehd usually will need some tech support for that feature. Dish has to have staff handle those calls. If people wanted supoport for that feature then i would charge to activate it as well.
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    Can "Thanks for being an E* subscriber" charge be avoided?

    You think you are smart to spill water in the receiver and since the equipment wasn't fried that they wont know. Yeah right. If this is pool water, it will likely have chlorine in it, which will leave residue and staining on the circuit board. Nearly all water has mineral content as well and...
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    Charged for VOD that I didn't order

    VODs aren't recorded. They are present on the DVR already and yes a person can order several at the same time. If you don't usually order PPV or VOD then you can also call DISH and request they set your PPV credit limit to $0. This way, if it is a request issued by the receiver, the smart card...
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    Dish Payment Enforcement

    I'm sure your compassion towards deadbeats ends at your wallet. E does send the nag screen. However, how many people here simply needed a hit and for whatever reason it never took and they had to call back. As far as tulsa agent having a bad attitude, that attidude usually comes from customer...
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    Dish Payment Enforcement

    Lets not forget that DISH has to actually pay the people that work in payment enforcement. Since payment enforcement deals in deadbeats that are usually flaky about paying their bills, its a good bet that many of those same people end up in collections. Those of us customers who keep our bills...