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    Reception issue ?

    I've had Dish for over 12 years. Installed it myself. Changed over to Super Dish, 110, 119, 129 with 211's & a 222 some years back. Live in the Tampa Fl. area. I know my system well. Now, for the past 2-3 weeks, 002,004,015a have been around for "select" channels. Sure we have clouds & rain but...
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    SuperSonic TV code?

    Does anybody know or have figured out the TV Code for a SuperSonic TV? My 722 remote will not learn it. Thanks, Mark
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    Ebay Seller needs my DN account # ???

    I'm looking at purchasing a vip 222 form an Ebay seller, item #170449057882. (Its a good deal so they will probably be gone when I get this question answered) I questioned him because his feedback is private, no location listed and he wants my DN account #. I asked him why and he responded with...
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    New VIP211K with DVR Questions

    First of all, I searched, looked through the 100+ pages of DVR stickies, and was completely overwhelmed. I apologize because I know this has been addressed before but I'll be darned if I can find it! So I ask for this forums wisdom on this subject! Just updated to HD. (owned & self...