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    Want to record OTA signals

    In the past I never would have needed to post this message because it was very easy to obtain a DVD recorder that could record to a DVD. But apparently since I last purchased my Toshiba DVD recorder in 2010, things have changed and I can't seem to find a DVD recorder anymore. I was reading...
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    New TV Needed

    I am going to look for another TV to add to my existing LG 43 inch that is about three years old. The LG has a good OTA tuner and program guide that looks ahead several hours. Does anyone know if the newer 40 inch to 43 inch Samsung or Vizeo models have a good OTA tuner and program guide for...
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    Antenna Recommendation Need to know if a Antennacraft HD1850 (new in box) will be able to receive WISH TV real channel 9 with a good pre amp? The UHF stations I want to receive will not be an issue. This channel is the only question mark...
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    VHF Low Reception

    Real Channel 5. Field Strength in DB is 38.11 and the Noise Margin is 10.11 according to the Rabbit Ears Signal Analysis Tool. Probably a 2 edge signal. Antenna height is at 25 feet above ground level. Thought that purchasing a J55 from Wade cut to Channel 5 but wondered if purchasing...
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    Radio on FTA

    I have a KU band satellite that I plan to install later this year at a house that I own. I am interested in finding sources that will allow me to tune into News and Talk programs on the KU band. American News and Talk only. Not interested in foreign broadcasts right now. Where I can I find...
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    Radio Network News on KU Band

    Can anyone tell me if any USA radio networks including IRN/USA Radio Network offer their Network News feeds or programs on KU Satellite?
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    Newbie Needs Advice

    Hello: I'm interested in getting my first FTA dish and box and need some recommendations from the people here that have experience. Initially I am looking at a fixed dish that will be used to get Galaxy 19. My primary interest is listening to a couple of radio networks on the Ku Band...