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    Testing Hopper HDD?

    Had a strange issue with my HWS over the last few days. We recorded American Horror Story on 12/4 and tried to watch it last night and it was skipping and freezing - I chalked it up to signal issues as I didn't remember if we had a storm or bad weather when it recorded. Then we wanted to watch...
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    S247 for Original Hopper is Out

    I got S247 on my Hopper yesterday and couldn't find a thread for it. Changed the TV Viewing Status screen - it is now an overlay and you can see behind it, although it takes up almost the whole screen, and made some distinctions as to the different tuners and stuff that can be accessed without...
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    Max Number of Events for Timers?

    I have Doctor Who scheduled to record new episodes on my Hopper, and I've noticed that tonight's episode is scheduled to record, but next Saturday's isn't on the Daily Schedule. I also have Orphan Black, which is on right after Doctor Who tonight and next Saturday, and both are scheduled to...
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    HDMI and Component Out at the Same Time?

    I recently signed up for Dish and got the Hopper. In the past on my cable/IPTV DVR, I would record some football games for a friend of mine and then transfer them to a VHS via the composite out, while my TV was hooked up via HDMI. I am looking to buy a DVD recorder as my VCR has decided it...
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    USB-OTA Tuner Question

    I recently signed up with Dish and got a Hopper, and would like to possibly add a USB-OTA tuner adapter, but had a couple questions about it. Currently I get 7 local channels, CBS (7), NBC (10), ABC (13), PBS (15), CW (21), FOX (27), and ION (38). The ION local channel is just a local...