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    Making it simple

    It was shipped to me by DTV. My current DVR will go to my other location out of town where I have the basic rec. DTV thinks they are in the same house. The genie will go where the DVR is now. I record a lot of soccer so I just wanted to keep it recording till I switch over. I will have to do the...
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    Making it simple

    Okay, I have a HD DVR, I have one TV, I got the latest dish and a single cable from the dish, to the power pack then a cable to the DVR. simple, Now I just got the Genie and the Mini. for the time being I would like the old DVR to be recording my channels while I am creating the new recoding...
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    HR34 clock off?

    Thats not too bad, I have COX cable and nothing starts or stops on time, I either have too much in the beginning or I get the end cut off. I wont even go into the Olympics.
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    Police scanners...

    radio reference dot com
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    Scanner any good?

    I have one also, it is great for conventional channels, I dont use mine as I have a 396xlt. you can look at bc895xlt.c*m on the web for more info
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    Its been a while, but.....

    It has been a while since I installed all my DTV equipment and dishes. I had DTV do the 5LNB HD dish and hook up a HD DRV, I want to put in a HD DVR in my current place but I have no dish as it is not a DTV house. I still have the whole setup at the other house, but I just cant go snooping...