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    TV1 Unresponsive (VIP222k)

    ok guys, today i collected my LG 42" LCD TV and UPS, so after hooking up all my stuff i decided to plus the 222k into the UPS also. . .now the remote does NOT work, TV 2 seems to be ok. did a bit of googling and found other people has this problem and had to convert the IR remote to a UHF...
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    HD Locals. . .

    hi guys, I still have a mixed arc setup and i normally get my locals from 119, only a few days ago i found that my locals in channel numbers 2 to 11 are in HD (which i dont have) but i can get them in the 8100 and up in SD. Is there anything i can do to have them back in the low numbers?
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    L12 Receiver

    hi guys, would i be able to view signal strength with one of these DTV rec if its still NOT being used as a sub? why i ask is because i have been trying for a few mins and no luck. . .my meter is sounding but NO signal on the signal strength screen thanks
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    another 61.5 channel move post :D

    ok, a buddy calls me tonight saying that DN called saying they are calling all there customers and letting them know that all channels will be moved from this 61.5 sat and onto the 72.7 sat. . . now i know there are heaps of topics on here about this, but i cant remember seeing any where the...
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    Signal Lost?

    i have this problem where i can watch channel 111 (DIY) on 110w, TP5 BUT i cant watch LMN on channel 109 on the same sat and same TP. . .it keeps telling me complete or partial signal lost. i have VIP222k receivers and the everything pack.
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    lost channel on one sat. why?

    hi guys, i added on a wing dish for 61.5 and now i find that 'USA' is now coming from that sat location. is there a way to receive USA from 119 again and still keep the wing? why? well because 61.5 is a bit weaker. . .and just for my knowledge receiver is a vip222k
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    how to make this setup work?

    what switch(es) would i need to use with a subbed receiver and 3 seperate dishes using 3 non-dish LNBs?
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    for the guys @ dish

    was chating with dn via the online chat and the CSR said that if i wanted HD for life i can use this -->Option 1: 24-Month Commitment with AutoPay and Paperless Billing then i asked about the commitment and what will happen if i cancel before the 24 month period and she said: DN CSR (ID...
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    vip222k stuck on starting up screen

    ok guys, my friend got a vip222k and activated it before he installed the dish, so i took it home andhave it download the updates etc about 5-6 days ago(then i had it unplugged for all that time also), now the dish is up the receiver tried downloading the updates and just reset it self now his...
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    DTV LA

    hi guys, which sat does ppl in the caribbean get DTV from? i know they use a single lnb and a very small dish now, they once used a 4' but i think they are down to a dish under 2'. thanks p.s couldnt find any of this info anywhere. . .
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    LNBs. . .

    the LNB for both DN and F3 will be compatible with a DN receiver?
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    FS South on channel 420?

    i saw this channel today for the first time while playin around with the fta stb. . .after goin back to the sub to finish watch the D1 Gran Prix i cant find this channel which has me a bit lost as to why. . .i sub to the everything pack but i know there are also sports pack that they offer but i...
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    hi guys, i read one of the new members saying they also sub to the 'superstations: wwor and pix' i get these channels, lookin at my account online they are NOT selected nor do i paid anything extra on to my monthly bill for the 250 pack. . . i want to bump up to the everything pack in a few...
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    my first vip222k came with a smartcard and i was not the person who activated it but tonight i was trying to add the second 222k and the csr asked for the smartcard number and when i popped the lid there was none. . . my question is why cant it work with out it? the csr said that it stores all...
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    how do you get PPV Certificates?

    the only info i got on it is ppl get them for being long time customers, but i only joined DN in july and had about 6 already.
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    moving HD from 61.5?

    ok guys at this link the 4th post mensioned about dn moving the HD from this sat to another. my question now is: will they bein puttin the SD of the same channels on there now? what will be...
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    is 119 the beckon sat?

    i would like to know if you would still be able to watch tv if you have your dish pointed at lets say 110 only or does the sub unit needs to be also gettin signal from 119? also. . .my sub is for western arc but the guys at DN is sayin if i get HD i can use 61.5 for it. is this true?
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    what switches do i need?

    hi guys. . . i have one fixed dish pointed at 119w with an dual aspen eagle lnb up and working with a DN ViP222k receiver with both tv1 and tv2 working atm. The other dish is a BUD which can handle both ku and c band signals and will be pointed at 110w (some of the time) and this is using an...
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    DTV signals. . .

    can i point my dish to a dtv sat using a fta receiver? if the answer is 'no' can you explain why?
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    DTV signals. . .

    i have not given it a go as yet but guys on another forum was tellin me that i cant find the signal from any of DTV sats with an FTA receiver. my question is: Why? i only wanted to see how strong the signal is in my area.