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    HDTV/computer monitor

    Need an advice on a HDTV that would double as a computer monitor. Also I would like to have a picture in picture so I could see whats happening on TV while surfing the internet. Thanks for any advice.
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    International channels on C-Band

    Can somebody help me or at least post some links to get information. I just moved into a house that have a Big mesh dish about 6-8 foot in diameter. I can get up there and read all the information and then post it here. But I understand I will need a receiver, need to check and make sure LNB and...
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    Single line DVR?

    Does anybody know when Directv is gonna start making DVRs with single cable instead of two lines? I've heard that Direct is working on it and is supposed to come out next year but no specific details.
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    Backfeed from H-20 with diplexer?

    As far as I know diplexer cannot be used to combine OTA signals with new Ka/Ku dish signals. Now can I use diplexer to use same cable for H-20 receiver and a backfeed to or from another TV? Thanks. I am not sure which frequencies are used for backfeed to other TVs.
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    RF antenna

    Is there any way to use RF antenna with say an old TIVO?
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    Where to buy DirecTV uniform for installers?

    Is there a web site where I can go and buy Directv shirts and other uniform? Thanks
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    Is there special dish for HD installs?

    Hello everybody I am a DirecTV installer and I am wondering what kind of dish do you guys at Dish Network use for Hi Definition installs? DirecTV installers have to put up this new 50 pound dish that we all hate. How did you guys get away with a regular dish? Thanks for any detailed answer I...
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    Birdog problems

    My Birdog is acting weird lately not sure what could cause the problem. Spent hours trying to get signal on AT9 dish and my meter couldnt find the sattelite. Asked another tech to stop by and help and he had no problem finding the satellite in a matter of seconds. When he was done his Birdog...