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  1. compfast

    what dishes will work with a 501 receiver

    Hey, I need to know what dishes will work with a 501 receiver. I would like to use a 1000.2 or 1000.4, or do I have to find a 500? Thanks :)
  2. compfast

    1000.2 --129 settings

    Hi, can someone tell the settings for a dish 500 to get 129, in cartersville, ga 30120 .........thank you :)
  3. compfast

    HELP ? 1000.4 can't get 61.5

    I hope someone will tell me this is posible. I have a 1000.4 ............. in Cartersville, Ga. 30120,............... and I can't get 61.5 , because of trees . Is it posible to use a 1000.2 or a 500 to get 61.5, and switch it with a DPP44 switch or the plus port on the 1000.4 Lnb ...
  4. compfast

    922 receiver remote help?

    I hope someone can help me, with the new 922 duo sling box capable dvr receiver for dishnetwork. I am beta testing one of them and the remotes won't sync up with the receiver. I went thru the troubleshooting in the manual, but it won't control the receiver? Here's what it said to do...