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    H3 and Wally same account

    Is it possible to do this? I was wondering if the Wally can be used with the Tailgater and if so can the Wally be leased from Dish or does it need to be purchased like 211's? I have an installer coming Saturday for the H3 and would lease a Wally if they let me. I have a 211K but would prefer...
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    Programming Not Authorized popping up on 211K

    I have a 211K on my account that randomly gets the "Programming not authorized" box for about 10-15 seconds and programming then returns after. It's not on certain channels or at certain times it seems to be all random. The 722Ks on my account aren't experiencing this. Anyone have a solution...
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    UHF Remote Kit for 211K

    Can I still get the UHF Remote Kit for a 211K for $10? from this thread
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    Best place to sign up for Dish?

    Are there better places to sign up for Dish than that offer gift cards, better promotions etc?
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    110/119/61.5 install still acceptable?

    A friend of mine just upgraded to HD and the tech removed his super and gave him two 500's, one for 110 and 119 and the other for 61.5. Will he be getting all of the HD channels with this setup? I thought Dish was doing away with multi dish setups.
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    Anyone been audited lately?

    Since there's no savings in connecting your receiver to phone/ethernet anymore, I'm sure many have disconnected their lines. I was just wondering if the audit team still audits like they did with all the people who aren't connected now.
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    Dolby Digital 5.1 with SD?

    I'm about to get a 211k but I don't have the HD package, can I get Dolby Digital 5.1 from standard definition programming?
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    How do receivers know what you're subscrbied to?

    Ok noob question I know but I just wanted to know how Dish and Directv receivers know what channels you're subscribed to, especially when they're not hooked up to a phone line. Do the sats tell the receivers what you're subscribed to? Does the same apply to ppv?
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    Buying a receiver on ebay

    Well first of all I just want to say hey to everyone and I'm glad to be a part of this great site! I want to buy a 311 receiver on ebay for another room in the house and wanted to know if Dish will send me a purple card free in the mail when I activate. Thanks!