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    OTHER Rtl-sdr DVB mpg2 reciver LimeSDR-USB

    With the progression of powerful computers .... isnt it possible to use an rtlsdr to decode un-encrypted signals? Phase4 is saposed to use dvb-S2x .... I can use a LimeSDR-USB to rx any 3mhz swath of spectrum from 100khz to 3.8ghz (actually i use it on 10.368ghz on 3rd harmonic)
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    Looking it might be useable on Ku band direct ... no block down/up ...
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    Adventures in Dish Hunting 2017

    Found this 9' mesh .... no idea who made it. It's on a some-what steep hill and looks like i might build a sled to winch up the hill. Im going to get it for free and i plan on getting it soon, but how exactly. Any one know how much it weighs ? Any instructions on disassembling it or a manual...