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    Does the Wireless Access Point show up in "Your equipment" list?

    I'm curious if the WAP is listed under the My Equipment section in My Account. I'm still trying to troubleshoot my issue with WJs not being able to connect to the WAP. I've chatted with support and I'm supposed to wait for engineering to figure this out... almost 2 weeks now.
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    2 joeys with warning 981

    I have 2 Joeys displaying the Boot Recovery screen with a Warning 981a. Sometimes it will go to a screen that says Wireless Access Point cannot be detected then it will try to connect and a few minutes later will go back to the Warning 981a screen. I've seen a limited number of posts about this...
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    Considering switching back to Dish

    I'm considering going back to Dish so I can get some wireless freedom within the house, viewing live TV on the phone or tablet would be icing. I currently have Genie with 2 clients and plan to replace that with HWS, 2 Joeys (1 wireless), and 1 Super Joey. With this config, it looks like I have...
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    Intermittent blank guide and fast forward freeze

    I've been noticing over the last few weeks that the genie receiver would intermittently freeze when bringing up the guide but the video is still playing in the small window. The delay lasts for 15 or so seconds then the guide will come up. This same behavior happens when skipping forward on...
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    c41w + setup = $200 & 24-month contract renewal

    I think with a little guidance and/or an instruction sheet I can install this myself. Is this available from any of the vendors yet? My objective is to add a small TV to one area of the house. I'm trying not to run coax but can possibly do ethernet if there's a way to use it with a C31/41.
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    Screen saver kicking in while watching

    Just experienced this tonight while watching a movie on Showtime. It did it twice, both times I had to press a button to cancel the screensaver.
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    My hr34 resolution changes to 480i

    What causes this? I change it back to 1080i when I notice it, a day or so later it's back to 480 again.
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    Some WH DVR questions

    New to Directv and still getting used to the new DVR, have some questions that long time users might be able to answer. 1. Is there a way to control/manage the DVR from a computer? 2. What happens if a c31 connects to the h34 and let's say all tuners are in use? I have 2 clients connected to a...
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    another pre-install wiring question

    Hi, We currently have a VIP622 setup that is connected to two TVs. I'm planning on a 1H/1J setup, possibly 2J. I'm not sure if new wiring will have to be done, if it needs new cable I might have to postpone until it gets cooler, our attic in AZ is like a furnace at this time. I have one cable...
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    Control dvr over the internet

    I used to be able to control my dvr when I log in to the dish site but I can't seem to find that option anymore? My dvr is still broadband connected.