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    How are timers *supposed* to work?

    I'm pretty new to Dish and would like some clarification on how the timers work. What I'd like to happen is to setup a show to record, set a limit as to how many it can keep (I.E. 3), and have it automatically cycle the latest episodes even if we don't delete the old ones. My assumption was that...
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    Corrupted timers

    I've only had my 922 for a couple weeks now - just long enough to setup about 60 timers of every show my wife, kids, and I want to see. I did about half through the Dish website, and half using the remote control directly. We noticed when scrolling though the timers last night though that close...
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    922 IR Remote codes?

    I've got a new 922 (came with 2 remotes labeled 1 and 2), and I'm trying to get my Phillips Pronto universal remote programmed to work with them. I've enabled IR in the 922's setup menu... but now can't figure out how to get the codes into my Pronto. The remotes that came with it appear to have...
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    DVR Folder Layout options

    Just got switched over to a 922 after being on DirecTV. There are a lot of things I really like about it, but the one thing that seems to really bother me is the icon view of programs when looking at recorded shows. I'm using folders to separate Kids programming from Parents, but am looking for...
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    Off to a bad start!

    (please pardon and ignore my rant... I just like to complain) I was trying to convert from DirecTV to Dish, but it's just not working out for me at all. They told me not to cancel DirecTV until after Dish is active (thankfully!) because the Dish installer would take down the DirecTV dishes...
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    New Customer - Is the 922 right for me?

    I'm just converting from DirecTV to Dish this Friday, and had to make the receiver decision. I'm a techie - always wanting the latest features, beading edge, and don't mind a few bugs along the way to get there. I am a bit torn between the 722 and 922, but for the moment, have signed up for the...