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    The Outcasts

    I think it is very well done, and last week's episode was the best. Have all episodes been shown? I can't find it on the schedule.
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    Tudors on BBC America

    I recorded, but have not yet watched, the marathon of the Tudors this past weekend. I assume this was all of season 1. An episode is scheduled to be shown Wednesday night. Is this just a repeat of an episode that I recorded, or is it the first episode of a new season? TIA.
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    I didn't realize that this past Tuesday episode was the start of a new season. I guess that kind of explains the shift from Saturdays to Tuesdays. Also, looking at the 'previously' parts of the recent show, I wondered, at times, if somehow an episode had been skipped. Anyone else get that...
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    According to the dishnetwork EPG, it's not scheduled to be shown tonight, March 27. Anyone know why and is the series going to continue?
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    I've been watching regularly, and I find it to be pretty good. One complaint about formatting, though. I absolutely despise how they flash ahead and preview what is coming after a commercial. This must be something special for the US market ... I doubt that something like this would go down...
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    Defying Gravity

    Putting aside the soap opera flavor and slow moving nature of this series, it was really very well done with a meaningful, thought-provoking plot. I for one will wonder for the rest of my life how the mystery would have played out. (Yeah, I know, I gotta get a life.) I recognize that there is...
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    Review: BBCA America's 'Occupation'

    Thanks for letting us know about this. I would have missed it if not for your post. Sounds very promising.