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    So-so VOOM Install

    Being an installer I was mostly displeased with your report. I do have some questions however. Are you aware that the best place for the OTA antenna is at the highest point on the house (or in) which leads me to my next question. Do you have an attic the installer could have put the antenna in...
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    Only Voom's OTA Antenna??

    In most cases your antenna with rotor will pick up better than the winegard they supply. As an installer i would be more than happy to use your antenna knowing i would probably have a better shot of receiving all of your local digital/HD channels. We normally end up upgrading most customers to...
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    RG6 cable for VOOM

    If you are burying the cable your best bet is to get whats called flooded cable. It has a silicon inside of it. Its a little better for direct burial. Most RG-6 cables today are good for all satellite installs. Yes it should be sweep tested for 2.2 MHZ though.