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    Any OLED news at CES this year?

    And this is news in response to my question, how? Again, I'm asking a simple question if there was any OLED news at CES. We can debate the merits of this NEW technology another day. Besides, people had all sorts of complaints and doubts about Plasma and LCD in the past too, but most...
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    Any OLED news at CES this year?

    Anyone with real information? What does LED backlighting have to do with OLED? LED backlighting is just using regular LEDs in place of the fluorescents that are used now. Or did I miss something in that link? Right now, OLEDs are used on small screen applications like cell phones...
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    Any OLED news at CES this year?

    Since this is the technology I am waiting for for my next HDTV, I am interested in any news re: this front.
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    First Uncompressed Wireless HDMI Chipset Enables Cable-Free HDTV Setup

    cool idea, but at 15 feet max, kinda pointless for most applications...
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    Samsung Debuts First 4 GB MP3 Player

    Don't tell that to Apple who offers their 4GB flash memory based Nano.