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    ota antenna question(multi-directional)

    been doing voom on the side for about 10 months , when directv gets a little slow. they allow two upgrades per year per subscriber, as you are getting upgrade dish and already have upgrade to 8 bay ota antenna, you have burned both of yours. that is just the norm ive seen in the pittsburgh region
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    Getting installed today. Still avoid diplexer???????

    i do not understand your post you ran your own coax, fine! who is guaranteeing those runs ? voom? the installer ? NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the installer is to run UP TO 125 feet per reciever he DOES NOT have to guarantee you 525 feet for your install, and if you ran your own coax im sure you...
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    Getting installed today. Still avoid diplexer???????

    ky, i would NEVER blow off an install, but what the guy was asking was if he ran all his own coax and all that for the ota that the tech should reimburse him for his time,, NOT,, what if he put the ota up and it was 100 feet from the dish location???also who then is responsible to warranty...
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    Need info from current or former D* & E*...

    directv does not have any in house trucks at all. they do have a quasi in house group of companies that make up thier hsp group. (Home Service Provider) they are not directv employees but act on its behalf. the major directv fulfillment houses , which are perfect 10,metron and dsi also have...
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    Getting installed today. Still avoid diplexer???????

    pre wire something is not understood here the installer is at your home to install a parabolic dish to recieve microwave signals to let you recieve voom . they provide the dish and the diplexers and the antenna that they want installed, and that is how we get paid. YOU WANT EXTRA, YOU PAY...
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    Getting installed today. Still avoid diplexer???????

    i do a limited # of VOOM installs and was told to use the eq that was sent to me by voom,, if a cx doesnt want diplexers / miltiswitches that is his call. the install then incurrs fees to be paid by the cx. i get a signed release and the extra coax is 30 cents per foot and i charge for each and...
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    Pre Wired Satellite

    there are lots of issues in your post. my first question, where were you during the install?? im a long time tech and if it was pointed out to you or your wife or relative how the install would be done, someone said OK and some one signed the work order, and that is signing a RELEASE that the...
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    Just got voom installed

    wait till rainbow vision/voom sells out to echostar YOU 'LL :shocked WISH YOU HAD THE SENIOR SERVICE BACK!!!!!!!!!!!! :shocked