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  1. LMckin

    WGN America rebrand to News nation March 1

    WGN American will disappear from many cable and satellite service as it will be rebrand to News nation an all news network on March 1 WGN America will change its name to NewsNation, moving to compete with CNN, Fox, MSNBC
  2. LMckin

    Accu weather Cable Channel coming in January to Spectrum

    I Seen on the Spectrum Program update notice page where the Accu weather channel is coming to Spectrum in January 2021
  3. LMckin

    Hallmark Drama Channel on Spectrum

    Is anybody in New York ,New Jersey or Maine area Getting the Hallmark Drama channel. on Spectrum Silver or Spectrum select with Digital tier 1
  4. LMckin

    Changes coming to Weather Channel in November

    It seam like ever since NBCUniversal took control of the weather channel from Landmark communcations i belive they are one who started cutting back on Live weather reporting and started add those those non weather programmings. instead Live weather reporting.and let go almost all original...
  5. LMckin

    Changes coming to Weather Channel in November

    Changes coming to Weather channel in November It look like Weather channel is going back to it Roots with 24x7 Live weather news Drop the Wake up with AL show close the new york studio remove Sam Champion from the Morning Show and put him on in Prime Time...
  6. LMckin

    Fox Sports Takes over Turner South

    On Monday Fox Sports takes over Tuner South Channel and it will start a new program Line up. some of the old Turner South Programs remains but rest is all Sports Line up. name change sometime in June 2006 here is line up for Monday they showd mostly movies most of this weekend...
  7. LMckin

    Charter adds Gospal Music Channel Greenville-Spartanburg-Anderson SC System

    Charter Communcations adds Gospal Music Channel on Digital Cable ch 126 on Dec 30,2006 on Greenville,Spartanburg,Anderson SC System. Source Spartanburg Hearld-Journal Newspaper Dec 29,2005