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    h10-250 price for long time sub

    Hr10-250 Well, I just called to cancel and customer retention gave me this. $299 for the lease. Three free months of HD package (current offer). $10/month programming credit for 1 year. Two year commitment. This is to replace my SD Tivo on my one and only TV. And I don't subscribe to...
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    16X9 or 4:3 Does it make a difference

    I have a 4:3 and I didn't notices any difference either. I also notice that on my locals in normalHD the picture looks streatched vertically. And sometimes there's bars on every side. zoom semms to fix it but it seems unusual to my uneducated self.
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    ota antenna

    According to that website I need an outside directional, but I have just a little inside one and I get all the channels fine. I'm not sure how far away I am from the tower, but I don't live anywhere near town. So I'd borrow someones before I go buy something.
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    New DISH Player-DVR 625 Makes Hit Movies Available to Satellite TV Customers

    After the movie is unlocked does it move it to your regular PVR space? Or would it disappear when they brought in new content. The one thing I like about PPV is being able to record it and watch it again.
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    IR-to-UHF with a 322 receiver?

    Do they not just use different device numbers for the two tuners? Being completely uneducated in the matter that's how I'd guess it would work. Or are the 522 and 322 completely different from other systems as far as remotes are concerned?
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    Please explain......Twin or Quad???

    He said there were 4 wires. That would mean two duals. And if that was the case they would go to a switch so that it may combine the signals, and give you two feeds. Correct? Or it would be a quad. A twin would not have four wires...ever. At least that's my understanding. Is that...
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    Dish PVR/DVR Questions

    If you have a legacy twin then all you would need to do is run another wire. If not then you'd need a new LNB (which is pretty easy to install) There are about 1000 options.
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    Dish PVR/DVR Questions

    I've had both a 508 and 721. I had no problems with either one (once I figured out how the 721 worked). I just got to the point where I wanted to watch more than one show at a time. The only problem is that you will need two feeds for it, which is going to require some additional...
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    Please explain......Twin or Quad???

    I guess if the person before you had more receivers. I just know they don't install more than you need. It's a waste of money I guess.
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    Please explain......Twin or Quad???

    Assuming a quad then yes you are correct. On a side note what's with all the extra wires?
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    Dish PVR/DVR Questions

    Do you want one tuner or two? If you want one you can get a 5XX. If you want two you can get a 721 or wait for the 522 to become available to current subscribers.
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    Please explain......Twin or Quad???

    The question isn't if it's a twin or quad. A twin only has two wires. The question is if it's dual or quad. A quad is just a twin with a built in switch. If you have a dual then the wires run from the dish into a switch (it's a little box) If it's a quad then the wires run from the dish to...
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    Please explain......Twin or Quad???

    Couldn't you tell just by knowing if there's a switch? A twin wouldn't have four outputs so it would be a quad if there is no external switch, and a dual if there are external switches. Correct?
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    Splitting feeds from the dish . . . why not?

    A 5XX has only one tuner. You CAN'T watch one channel and record another. Only the 721, 522, and 921 do that. Yes, the quad allows four feeds. The tough part is running all those cables. I'd prefer the DPP Twin as you can get four feeds with half the wire, and therefore half the trouble...
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    difference btw 510 & 522

    510 has one tuner the 522 has two. So you may watch one channel and record another. I would think that should be your primary concern. Also, if you want two tuners check out a 721 which won't have the bogus VOD fee. You'll have to get that through a retailer though or ebay.
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    Existing Dish customer concerns

    My 721 I've had a 721 for almost a year now and I haven't had any problems with it since I figured out how it works. The only thing I had trouble with is that to change tuners you use the PIP and swap, which is a little cumbersome. But I haven't missed a recording since then. Also you get...
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    New 811

    I live outide of Austin. And I didn't realize they had CBS HD. That would be awesome! Thanks for your help
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    New 811

    At the moment I have a 721, and a few months ago I called about leasing an 811. The CSR told me they would install a new dish. Yesterday I called again to order it and I was told they would not need a new dish. Will I or not? Seems like a question I should be able to find the answer to pretty...
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    FLASH: No Name Based Recording on 921, 721, 501, 508, 510

    cost effective I may be way off base here, but it seems to me that it would be more cost effective to upgrade old equipment that they most likely gave away, than encouraging customers to lease new equipment that may or may not last long enough to actually pay for the hardware. I have been a...
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    721 Problem

    I have noticed the same thing. And since I've stopped setting up timers that way I haven't had the problem. Maybe in some alternate universe it works like it's supposed to?