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    Is The 811 Really That Bad?

    I haven't had problems with mine. I am very happy with the OTA picture quality both HD and SD. As a preventive measure, I do a reboot once a week before I retire for the night.
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    HDTV install wiring question.

    I have the same setup (diplexer from dish and OTA) with a 811 and works great!
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    Overscan problem with 811

    My 811 picture to my Panasonic 34inch HDTV is missing picture on all four sides by about an inch on each side. Initially I thought it could be an overscan problem with my TV but the picture from the other inputs (DVD and VCR) seems to be OK. I also confirmed this by connecting my DVD to the 811...
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    Is Boosting Signal Creating 811 Problems?

    Looks like a similar situation. In Denver, I was getting CBS and PBS in the 60% range and there used to be dropouts. After adding the inline amplifier to only the OTA antenna line, my signal strength has jumped to around 72% for both stations and the PQ is excellent with no dropouts. The terk...
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    Is Boosting Signal Creating 811 Problems?

    I have a TERK inline amplifier BIA-20 installed with my OTA antenna. I am using diplexers with DC pass so that the 811 receiver powers my inline amplifier also. It has boosted my OTA digital signals by around 10 points. The picture quality is now excellent. The signal fluctuates around 3%...
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    Lets get a list of Receivers where Dolby Digital does not work.

    DD on my HarmanKardon AVR325 works great.
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    Smart card not authorized message in 811

    The only issue with your suggestion is that the 811 does not have a smart card! I did not have to reboot since the problem corrects itself after showing the error message three times.
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    Smart card not authorized message in 811

    Yes. I have upgraded to 280 and the problem still stays. The problem happens randomly. Sometimes, couple of times a day or sometimes doesn't happen for a few days.
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    Smart card not authorized message in 811

    My 811 acts weird every now and then by suddenly showing an error message that says something like, 'Your smart card is not authorized to view this program ...' while watching a channel. The message then goes away and reappears three times. Then the program that I was watching continues ok. This...
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    Satellite channels go blank

    watching OTA analog causes other channels to go black! The title says it all. We watch 'Wheel of Fortune' in OTA analog everyday and then when I shift to any other channel except another analog channel the picture does not show up. My workaround while watching an OTA analog is to switch to a...
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    811/TNT-HD Dolby Digital problem

    May be the loud rumbling is just the sound of those race cars ;-) I do not have this problem with my HarmanKardon AVR325. Ashoo
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    New Installation w/amplified OTA antenna

    I have the dish 811 receiver with an amplified OTA Terk antenna with terk diplexers. There is no separate power supply to the antenna. The receiver's supplies power to the LNB as well as the OTA antenna. Hope this helps. Ashoo
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    P268 is here!

    I got the 268 update as well and did not notice any difference. Even with 267 when you switch the unit off while in a OTA channel it took about 5-10 secs to turn it off. The update dropped couple of my digital channels and I had to add them back. The darkness level seems the same through...
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    Force 811 to OTA channels during storm?

    Good point! I have a similar setup but from the splitter I am running it to my Antenna 1 on my Panasonic through my VCR. That way I can watch any satellite channel and at the same time record locals. Also, I get to use the PIP features on my TV. Basically, it is like having two tuners (three if...