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    Free 8.5' Orbitron dish - Portland OR area.

    I have replaced my 8.5 Orbitron with a 10' Winegard. So the question is what to do with the dish? I cannot keep it as the wife wants it gone, and so I will give it to anyone that will come get it. Note: the Orbitron 8.5 is not able to be broken down ( easily ) so its best if you transport it...
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    Problem with 4d (or maybe just trees?)

    :confused:I have been having an issue with my receiver/dish that has me puzzled. I think I know the answer, but maybe someone can clarify or verify for me . I have had a lot of trouble trying to get the Denver feeds ( 103 W RM8). In the past when they were on 135 I had no problem. At that time...