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    Stacking OTA signal on Joey client rg6

    can you stack an OTA signal onto the Joey Client line RG6? Sent from my C771 using Tapatalk 2
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    622 & 722 HDMI issue (Reboot Loop) Advanced troubleshooting help

    Ok guys, help me out.. I seem to be having some troubles.. My setup is as follows: 622..................722 | | ------------------------------ Monoprice HDMI 4X2 Matrix Switch...
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    6.3 UHF Remote question

    I have a 622 and 722. I would like to be able to control both via UHF with a single 6.3 remote. I can program the the SAT of the 6.3 remote to control either of the receivers, but I cannot get the AUX to control either. I used to be able to use the AUX to control my 510 (UHF but...
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    622 Signal Meter Changes

    I noticed on my 622 (with the ver 4.41) signal strength meter has a note mentioning that the signal strength meter has changed, and that even though the signal levels look lower than what they have been in the past, that my signal is ok. Does anyone have any any documentation or knowledge of...
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    OTA Geniuses... Help Me out with upgraded preamp

    Here is my current Setup: Winegard HD-9095 with AP-4700 Preamp. I live in southwest riverside, and I have my antenna aimed at Los Angeles' Mt. Wilson Antenna farm. It's about a 70 mile journey as the bird flys from my antenna to the transmission antennas I am able to tune in all L.A...
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    Master DVR / Slave Receiver

    How come dish doesn't make a Master DVR / Slave recevier similar to Verizons FIOS system? I think it would be great. Features: 2 Sat Tuners 1 OTA Tuner Supports up to 4 receivers to access DVR programs 1 slave model for SD (SD model should downconvert HD programming) 1 slave model...
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    622 Problems!! Please advise

    I just had my 622 installed today, Before you tell me to reset or unplug and let sit or check switch, I have done all this: and now I have noticed that I STILL have the following problems: 1a.) I cannot record anything! When I press record, the red light comes on, but nothing shows up in...
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    Multipath Issues and possible solutions

    I have an interesting problem. I currently have a 9095 with an AP-4700 preamp I think I am experiencing multi-path, but it's on one channel only. I'm picking up the Los Angeles Stations (which are all on the same mountain about 70 miles away) All the stations come in at 80+ on my...
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    Which Bird are the MPEG 4 L.A. Locals on

    I currently have a Dish 500 at 110 & 119 and another Dish pointing at 148. I am considering upgrading my 811 to 622 so that I can have the upcoming Los Angeles Local HD stations. Question #1) Are the L.A. Mpeg4 Local HD Stations going to be carried on the 129? Question #2) Do you think...
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    DP Separator & Single Tuner Receivers

    I have seen that with a DPP 44 and a Separator, you can run 1 cable to theand then have a separator to feed the Dual tuner receiver, but, can you use the DPP 44 and a separater to feed two different single tuner receivers
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    Rotor installation

    How high can a mast be installed on a rotor before a bearing is needed? I know that masts are recommened to be guyed every 10feet. Are there any diagrams that show bearing installations Basically my antenna (winegard 9095) is about 8 - 10 feet above the roof top, and there are guys...
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    Temecula OTA reception Report

    Antenna: Winegard 9095 with a AP-4700 Pre-amp Receiver: DISH 811 Weather: Winter Storm rainy and windy :( Location : Temecula, CA (70 miles southeast of mt wilson) I set up my antenna, and just eyeballed where I thought it should go. right away I got KABC-DT 53 Signal Strength 63 to 65...