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    Tversity is great please??!

    On about half of the avi movies I come across, the audio is severely garbled or distorted and cannot be heard. I'm not sure what the issue is...anyone? I'm running it to an HR-20 700 with the latest update. Also, I find my image gets stretched to fit my 16x9 tv. This is not a problem for native...
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    Is the stock HR20 remote RF compatible?

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    HR20-100S vs HR20-700

    Is the 100 the new version? If money is no object, should I go with the 100 over the 700? :confused: Thanks. -Rob
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    Will a Slimline dish fit on an AT9 mount?

    As the title says, will a Slimline fit on an AT9 mount? Is the diameter of the mast the same for both? I want to replace a dead Andrews AT9 with a slimline, but I don't want to have to reset and level a new mount if I don't have to. Thanks, Rob :up
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    What transponders on which satellites should I get?

    Hi, is there somewhere on the net where I can find out which transponders I should be seeing from my specific city? (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada) . Thanks, Rob
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    I think I've got a bad AT9 lnb/dish... opinions please??

    My buddy and I got Directv. We bought two AT9s from ebay. We set them up. We each have an HR20 and he has an extra standard receiver. My setup works fine. His works fine sometimes, but he routinely loses his signal and gets zeros all over the place on the signal meter. This is the case for both...
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    HR20 not playing recorded shows / not recording

    Hi, I am having the problem mentioned in this article. For those who don't want to link, basically some recorded shows will not play back--I just get a message asking if I want to delete it when I try and play the show from the list. This is...
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    my HR20 won't let me watch recorded PPVs???

    I purchased Nacho Libre over the net (no phone line) and it played fine while it was on. I recorded it on my DVR. Now when I try and watch the recorded version under list, it just sits there with a black screen and won't play. I can't fast forward through it either--the status bar just sits...
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    I need your help experts - please. AT9 issues...

    Ok, I'll try and be concise. Buddy and I were installing his new AT9. I've done two others with no problems. His jumper cables broke between the LNBs. He doesn't have an HD Television yet, so we just decided to aim for the 101 to get the SD channels and complete the aiming in the spring when he...
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    Ddoes anyone use an RCA OTA antenna? Others?

    Hi, I'm wondering what experiences people have had using OTA antennas to supplement their satellite channels. I don't get my local channels, so I decided to see what would come in over the air and so I plugged in an old pair of rabbit ears into the back of the tv. I was AMAZED at just how many...
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    Will a receiver/card go 711 if it is not hooked up for a while?

    Quick question, if I activate a card and reveiver and everything is cool for watching tv, but then I unhook it all and put it in my closet for a month and then re-hook it all up a month later, will it go 711? Does it need to be basically getting the satellite signal constantly? Rob
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    What if the cables break between LNBs? AT9???

    Ok, just looking for some wisdom / knowledge / opinions here. Buddy and I were installing an AT9. The stupid coaxial jumper cables between the two main LNB heads (110/119 and the 99/101/103) snapped off while attaching them to the dish. FYI, I have seen different types, but these were (or...
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    AT9 Setup - can you select 3lnb dish for aiming?

    I kind of wrote about this in a related post, but I thought it should stand on its own. Buddy and I were trying to set up the AT9 with a standard def receiver. We selected the 3 lnb dish setup in the menu as there was no option for a 5er. I assumed this would not make a difference when trying...
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    Could someone please post scan of Directv Rebate (new customer)?

    Hi, I was wondering if someone could please scan and/or post the form for the directv new customer rebate ($100 I think.) Thanks very much!! :) -Rob :up
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    Can't find satellite with AT9? Bad lnb?

    Ok, I am kind of at my wits end. I'm trying to set up an AT9 at my buddy's house. We did mine last week with no probs. I can't seem to find 101? We have an in-line meter and it doesn't seem to be finding the 101. We get all 0's on all transponders. There is a tip of a thin tree that might be in...
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    5lnb - What do each of the satellites do? (channels)

    Can someone tell me what each satellite is for? For instance, spot beams, hd, etc. The reason I ask is that on two of them, I get a signal of around 30-40% with hardly any transponders. I am in Ottawa Canada, so I am guessing (hoping) that they are spotbeams that I am out of range for. Please...
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    What can you do when 3 shows on at the same time???

    I used to have time-shift with my old provider with dual tuners. Now I only have east coast. When there were 3 shows on at once, I would DVR 2 of them and get the timeshift 3rd one later. Now, it looks like with D*, there is no time shift, so is there anyway to get the 3 shows? :confused:
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    Can you have $100 credit (new cust) applied to account?

    Hi, is there a way to have the $100 new customer discount apply to your account instead of having it mailed to you in check form? -Rob
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    How do you show only the channels you get?

    Just curious, how do you filter by only the channels you get? Thanks, Rob
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    Using a basic inline meter?

    Just wondering, if there are no settings on the meter, do you just move your dish around until you hit a signal? I'm just wondering, wouldn't it be possible (if you were way off) to pick up another satellite signal (as opposed to the one you were looking for)? Now, I suppose you would have...