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    wireless internet connection for vod

    If you are at least a tech savvy, you can make the connection for about 40 dollars. Pick up a Buffalo modem from Circuit City. Download the DD-WRT firmware. Configure it as a Client Bridge, and you now have a 4 port "gaming" adapter. I just did this over the weekend, and I have XBox Live up and...
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    DOD very slow

    Internet Hookup. I just bought a Buffalo wireless router at CC for $40. I flashed it with DD-WRT and configured it as a client bridge. I now have 4 LAN ports that can be connected to the HR20-700 and XBox. I am on XBox, but I am not sure what I need to do to connect to DirecTV. I am showing...
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    Question re Ethernet Hookup.

    My Ethernet router is downstairs, and my HR20-700 is upstairs. I also have an XBOX 360 upstairs. Does anyone use an Ethernet Bridge to connect their receiver or XBOX? How about a Wireless Access Point? I am looking for something inexpensive that will allow me to hook up both devices to...