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    news feeds and reciever without bland search

    news feeds and reciever without blind search Hi Guys, I could not get any tp1 channels on G10R no matter what I try, so I thought maybe I should try some new things and get the news feeds on IA6. But, my receiver, Kusat 2600pro, does not have blind search, and the channel listings for the...
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    The Tube and WPXS

    Is the tube on WPXS? I could not watch any of the channels on G10R tp1, but no problems with channels on tp5. I thought The Tube is on tp1? but I can get it on WPXS, strange?
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    Pcr V-pid A-pid

    Hi Guys, What is a PCR? I am trying to manually set some channels on my Kusat 2600Pro receiver. It asks for three PIDs, PCR, Video and Audio. I could not find where to find this PCR pid, on the site, it does not show the PCR number. Any ideas? Thanks! Suibu
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    Singal levels on G10R

    Hi, I am using a 30" dish, Kusat 2600 receiver, and I am aiming at G10R, I got some channels but not all of them. I got channels from tp1, but quality is only 50-60%, but at the same time (without changing anything, including dish elvation/azimuth, LNBF skew) channels from tp5 are all at...
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    18" DSS dish and LNBF work for FTA?

    I went to a garage sale today (I know, I am cheap :)), and this gentleman is selling a DSS 18" round dish with mounting support and a LNBF for $5 Canadian, I did not know if it works with FTA or not, so I did not buy it. But after I went home, I did a search on the forum, and found out that...
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    What is a feed?

    Hi, As you can see I am FTA newbie, and I am wondering what is a feed? Can I watch it with a out of box receiver (a Kusat 2600 and a 30" dish?) I appologize if this question has been asked before, I did a search but could not find any answers. Thanks! Suibu
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    24" StarChoice dish and G10R?

    Hi Recently I have set up a 30" dish and received 3 CCTV channels from G3C (with help from Iceberg, Thanks!), but after a couple days, it is getting boring, since there are only 3 FTA channels on G3C and I did not buy a motor (a bad decision). Since the CCTV channels are for parents, so I...
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    Dish Help!

    Hi, Guys, I am a FTA newbie, and I bought this dish along with a KW-21 LNBF (a cheaper one?) and a Kusat 2600a receiver, and I had a hard time pointing the dish to the sat (G3C). I am living in Calgary, Canada, from Sadoun's calculator, the elevation is 28.8, so I set it to 29 (you can only...
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    KUSat 2600 install issue

    Hi Iceberg, I need your help :). I am a FTA newbie, I bought this 2600a a couple days ago and I have set it up, but I could not get any programs. My main idea is to get the 2 CCTV channels on G3C, so I setup my dish to "point" to that sat. When I do the channel search, I found out there...