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    HR-24 audio issue

    I've had this HR-24 for I would guess a couple of months. For some reason, whenever it's been off for awhile (like say a few hours) when I turn it back on, there is no sound. The first couple of times it happened, I hit the reset button which eventually fixes it but, as you know, it takes awhile...
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    HR-24 tuner 2 quit working

    I'm pretty sure I have this narrowed down to the receiver but, I figured I'd run it by you guys just in case. Here is the deal. For over a year, I've had my DTV installed with an HR-22. DTV installed it. SWM install. Worked fine. I just added an HR-24 I bought from an online supplier about a...
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    Lightning strikes DVR questions (may need stonecold)

    First, I've had DTV for about 16 months. When I signed up, I got just one receiver. An HR-22 HD DVR. The other night I'm watching it and it's storming. Suddenly there was a simultaneous lightning flash and, extremely loud thunder crack with a little "pop" and, out goes the tv. The TV...
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    leased, owned information please

    It's my understanding that all new receivers are leased. I went to ebay to see the prices on new receivers and to my surprise there a couple of it says "owned" HR-24s That raised my eyebrows. I click on it and it says "This unit is owned by me, as a former employee, so no commitment extension...
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    Upgrade question

    Hey guys, my brother is thinking of upgrading to HD. He's a long time DTV customer. He's currently got a SD DVR that is acting like its' on it's last leg and, a plain jane sd box. He's thinking of getting 3 HD DVRs. Anyone care to speculate on what kind of deal he can get?
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    What Lnb do I have?

    I was looking at my signal strength meters. It shows satellites 101, 99c, 99s,103s,103ca,103cb, and swm. since there are only 3 orbital locations there, does that mean I only have the 3 lnb? Chicago market if that matters
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    Difference between AU9-S SWM dish and non AU9 SWM

    Is there any difference between these 2 dishes?
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    How to transfer HR 22 recordings to Ext. Hard drive?

    Hey guys, I had a couple of questions about the whole hard drive thing. I did a search and found posts that said, an external hard drive replaces the internal in an HR22, instead of giving you extra storage space. I couldn't reply to that post cause it was from 2008. Is that still the case...
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    The HR 22

    I thought I'd read that the HR 22 could record two shows while watching another? I've tried it and, clearly you can't. Are there any DTV receivers that have this capability?
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    Center Ice picture quality

    Tonight I was watching the Capitals and Canucks. It was supposed to be HD but, looked more like SD. It was awful. I switched to the SD channel and it was even worse. Earlier I watched the Bruins and Blackhawks and it looked pretty good. Certainly significantly better than the Canucks game...
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    More DTV deception?

    Ok, I just got installed today. Before I ordered , I researched the packages and channels. It said for my area I would get the Regional sports networks CSN Chicago and FSN Midwest. It even said something about Blues hockey. When I called to order, I verified with the rep on the phone that I...
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    RSN fulltime HD

    Has anyone heard any updates as to if and when RSN will be in HD fulltime?
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    Question about free starz

    Hey guys, thanks for all your help so far. I trust asking you guys for answers alot more than calling Directv after what I've read here. The new customer offer has Starz and Showtime free for 3 months. I don't watch those channels. If you look at your bill for 24 months on their website...
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    Auto bill pay?

    On directvs website they have an offer of a $100 visa prepaid card. The fine print says you have to sign up for auto bill pay at the time. I was wondering if anyone knows what their main motivation for that is? Is there any reason a customer should stay away from auto pay? I personally like...
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    Questions for DTV installers

    Does an HDMI cable come with the standard installation or, do you get charged extra for that? Also I read where they allow you like two runs of cable at 125ft for the install. If I run my own cable, can I get say 1 cable of about 100ft as kind of replacement? I'm gonna run two lengths because I...
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    One DVR to multiple TVs.

    What would be the best way to hook up one of the newer HD DVRs to a remote TV? The main tv will be hooked up via HDMI. I may also buy another HDTV for the same room to hook up also. I have a non HD tv in another room I'd like to hook up to the same box. Is there a coax output I can use or, is...
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    Pole size for new dish

    Hey guys, I was thinking about getting direct tv. If I decide to, I'm going to mount the dish on a pole. I don't want it attached to my house in any way. I'm perfectly capable of doing this myself so, I would have it all ready to go when the installer got here. I used the search feature and...