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    Amazon Prime on hopper 3 but not on 4K Joey

    The Amazon Prime App appeared on my Hopper three days ago, but it is not visible on my 4K Joey, either on channel 301 or the App menu. I have reset the Joey with power button, with the setting in the diagnostics menu, and by unplugging it. Does anyone have any idea how I can force a menu...
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    4K and 3D Programming gone?

    I have a hopper 3 and when I upgraded to a 4K/3D capable set I was able to see available programming (though sparse) for both 4K and 3D programming in the ON Demand section just prior to channel 501. I have not seen any for a month or so now. Is it no longer available, or do I have some kind...
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    Hopper Freezes Switching to Netflix

    When switching to the Netflix App, the Hopper freezes giving me a blank pinkish screen. If I switch inputs on my smart TV, I can get to Netflix just fine with Hopper out of the loop. It may be some sort of update that Netflix pushed as prior to the last few weeks there was no issue. It takes a...
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    Hoppers and Cox Supplied/Reccomended Modems issues

    I had a session with a dish technician and was told that there is a known list of routers that do not "play well" with hoppers. I had no problem when I had 722's but now connecting the internet via WIFI for applications and even TV might be a problem. Though I show a strong signal, but it is...
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    H3 bridging disables itself

    I am looking to use Netflix on my Joeys. Bridging disables it self, sometimes several times a day. I can be watching and suddenly get the error that another TV has reset the moca, even if the hopper is off. I then have to go re-enable the bridging on the hopper and all is well (for awhile)...
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    MOCA Failed

    Please remember when reading this that I am a NON Techie. I have searched and read the moca threads and don't understand most of them. I am interested in a Netflix subscription and get the message that I am not connected to the internet. TV's are working on Dish without interruption. Hopper 3...