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    Tnt Hd

    Another week of Nascar on TNT. Another week of no TNT HD. TNT SD feed looks like sh*t on my TV. Very frustrating trying to enjoy the race with such poor pic quality. At leat NBC offers the race in HD. I hate this Fox/NBC/TNT season split. What the heck is D* waiting for!!!!!
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    HELP- Lost video and audio

    This morning I was watching TV when my picture suddenly froze up and the screen went blank. Now all I get is the channel descriptors with no pic or audio!! The descriptors and guide are up to date so I'm getting some feed. At first I thought the problem was with DTV but the rest of my receivers...
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    Channel 99- ??

    Playing around last night and saw that my guide showed several channels on 99- .......when I tuned in all I was getting was audio. Channels listed were USDTV????, ESPN, ESPN2, Food, HGTV. I got all excited thinking we were getting new HD content. Anyone know what this is all about? OK...
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    Help w/multi-switch antenna hook-up

    I recently installed a 5x8 multi-switch and satellite is working fine. I am having trouble with the OTA feed thru the multi-swith. I am using a rooftop antenna and running the coax to the multi-switch. I have a diplexer connected off of the cable at the receiver with the splits running to a...
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    Pixelating Picture

    I have a question about my local HD reception. At least once a night one of my local HD channels will start to pixelate (if that is the right term) and I'll get patches of green screen. Most of the time I can fix it by switching to HDnet and immediately back but sometimes I need to reboot my...