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    Another Retrans dispute - this time COX/Apollo - about to hit AT&T/DIRECTV

    Tonight during the first few minutes of A Late Show with Stephen Colbert, and again at midnight, KIRO-TV ran a crawl asking DIRECTV & AT&T video customers to whine to the satcaster/cablecaster because it appears that KIRO Seattle (and, likely, other COX Media stations which are controlled by...
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    AP reports US Open, USGA Championships Moving Back To 'The Peacock' (NBC)

    The AP is reporting that on Monday (today) it will be announced that NBC will take back the U.S. Open Golf Championship after FOX Sports took an expensive bath with this year's Coronavirus-hell delayed event which was rescheduled for mid-September, putting that event in direct conflict with...
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    NBC Olympic Channel breaks on dish and Sling

    The news came down today that Sling is now carrying the NBC Olympic Channel (I know. The NBC part is not in the name, but anyway). Out of curiosity I looked in my guide to see if dish was also starting to carry it and LO! They are. Olympic Channel, basically a marketing channel of the...
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    Classic Arts Showcase (dish 9406) goes byebye from dish

    A bit of bad news for those who liked the channel that showed bits of ballet, opera, classical music and film shorts. Classic Arts Showcase (dish 9406) disappeared today from the dish Network service. The on-screen note says the channel "ceased distribution to dish." You can still view it...
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    Wygraj Teraz! on T5

    Here's a strange: It's 11:50 PM PT and I've come across something called Wygraj Teraz! (Think GSN's "Playmania" or similar here, if you remember it). The studio's deserted. WHERE THE HECK IS THE HOST? Must be a backhaul. The things you see - or they let you see - on FTA.
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    Equity channels sold.....will leave gone is reporting the following from the Equity Bankruptcy Auction: Marcus & Joni Lamb's Word of God Fellowship, aka Daystar, snatched up 16 outlets for $7.4 million. Among them: WNGS Buffalo, WNYI Syracuse, KQUP Spokane-Pullman-Coeur d'Alene, KWBM Springfield MO, KCBU & KNBX Salt Lake...
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    KPOU Sold: Equity to Fisher

    One less Equity station on G10 soon. From the Fisher Communications website... SEATTLE--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Nov. 3, 2006--Fisher Communications, Inc. (Nasdaq:FSCI) announced that it completed the purchase of two television stations from Equity Broadcasting Corporation for $19.3 million on...
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    Globecast LNBF

    The other day I walked through a local "junkyard" and came across a Globecast dish complete with its LNBF. I should have picked it up right there and then, and was tempted to, but I had a question: I'm curious to know if this LNBF would be useable with a standard non-Globecast enabled receiver.