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    Genie TV Guide

    I am thinking about going with Genie. I know there are several custom guides available, but can I make anyone of then the default guide to appear when I hit the guide button
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    Chicagoland Local HD problems

    DOWN LOADIND GUIDE is the message that starts approximately 10 seconds when i tune in to any of the local HD stations 2,5,7,9,32. It stays on the screen with the orange highlite "more information". If i select it, i have to reboot to get the system back to normal. I spoke with a csr and he...
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    Loosing Satellite signal in Chicago Western burbs

    For the past week, I continuously loose my HD sat. signal for the following stations. ESPN, ESPN22, DSC. The picture cuts in and out with the message stating looking for satellite etc. What satellite do they originate from. I am guessing 119? Should i call for a Tech. to come out to realigne...
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    H10 question

    I've been with "D" for about a month now. On channels 102 ( Six Pictures on one screen) i can not use my arrow keys to move from sound bite to sound bite. My R15 works like it should. Is there something in the setup of the H10 that was missed?
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    811 problem with OTA

    Last night NBC in Chicago Switched from 05-01 to 29-01 on the TV guide. This morning the station will not lock in. When is the software patch coming to this area. This has happened before with WGN and ABC. Always on a FRiday evening.
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    811 OTA problem

    Dish 811 OTA. My channel guide for some stations is changing. In Chicagoland, 11-01 and 11-02 is brought in under 47. Recently the display changed to 47-01 and 47-02. Just this weekend they changed back to 11-01 and 11-02. BUT, The stations will not lock down. They are getting 92%...
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    Dish 6000 for sale